Looking for a low-maintenance way to brighten up your look? Balayage highlights may be the perfect solution. We’re here to provide you with some insight as to why Balayage has become the go-to method for highlighting hair.
What is Balayage?
The term “Balayage” means “sweeping” in French, which refers to the sweeping motion used to apply highlights. It is not a new technique, but it is one that has soared in popularity over the past couple of years, thanks to celebrities like J.Lo and Jennifer Aniston. Balayage refers to the process of painting the hair (freestyle) as opposed to using foils. This process is less harsh on your hair because the color is not closed in by heat and is only applied to the top layer of the hair.
Foils Vs. Balayage
Balayage requires less maintenance and fewer touch-ups than other types of highlights.
The hair grows out in a very natural looking way compared to hair highlighted with foils, which can show lines of demarcation. You can wait a few extra weeks before you need to rush back to the salon for a touch-up.
Why should you get it?
Another benefit of Balayage, is the control that it gives the colorist. With Balayage, highlights can be scattered in a way that suits your skin tone, your haircut and the shape of your face. Think, natural looking, but strategically placed sun-kissed highlights. And the good news is that Balayage can be used with all hair colors, dark or light!