Everything You Need to Know About Flat Ironing
I was recently interviewed by Marie Claire for an article about when it’s time to replace your flat iron. I want to share the article with all of you, but first, I want to offer a few additional tips on flat ironing. Flat irons may help you get the look want but it’s very important, for the health of your hair, that they are used correctly.
When to use a flat iron
Only flat iron your hair when it’s being a little rebellious and you can’t get it as straight as you want. I don’t recommend using a flat iron every day because it’s a lot of heat and eventually your hair will become damaged if you do it too often. Only use a flat iron after hair has been blown out. As you’re smoothing out your hair during your blow dry (preferably with a boar bristle brush) the cuticle becomes sealed. This will make the flat ironing less damaging to your locks. So, don’t even think of flat ironing hair that is still a little damp because the cuticle is still open!
Which products to use
Always use a heat protectant spray before flat ironing. Use the spray on dry hair after it’s been blown out. I recommend Royal Blowout or Soft Lacquer Heat Styling Spray, both by Oribe. These sprays are heat activated and will protect your hair from the heat as well as keep it straight for a longer period of time.
Don’t over flat iron your hair
Never use a flat iron because you don’t have time to blow out your hair properly. Get your hair as straight as possible with the blow dryer and just flat iron lightly. Flat iron small 1/2 inch sections if you want a really sleek and shiny look. But remember, if you are only flat ironing small sections of hair then the heat will be more intense and the hair will damage more easily, so use judgement. If you are just looking to straighten out a few kinks and prevent frizz, you can flat iron larger sections of anywhere from 1 to 3 inches of hair.
Which flat iron to use and when to replace it
Not all flat irons are created equal. Want to know which one is best for your hair and your budget? Check out the article in Marie Claire!