In our last blog post we talked about what makes for a successful hair salon visit. A good salon visit leaves you feeling beautiful and reinvigorated. The hair diagnosis is the most crucial step of the salon consultation. 

Why is a hair diagnosis important? 

The whole idea behind a hair diagnosis is for the stylist to determine the best course of action to address the current issues you are experiencing with your hair and scalp. At Fabio Scalia salons, our aim is to provide a personalized hair care regimen that is unique to your hair concerns. 

hair consultation
hair diagnosis
Is hair diagnosis just another fancy word for a salon consultation? 

Good question! A hair diagnosis is much more thorough and comprehensive. During a diagnosis the hairdresser will take a closer look at your scalp and hair fiber.

Furthermore, it lets the stylist determine what are the most appropriate and beneficial treatments for you, as well as the right products for you to use at home. 

treatment consultation
Photos by Riccardo Piazza

The Final Results

salon consultation results
Hair Styling by Samantha Gradilone in our Brooklyn Heights salon
hair diagnosis
Photo by Riccardo Piazza

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