Longing for longer and thicker hair growth?

While there isn’t a magic trick to get longer and thicker hair, we have listed four valuable tips, straight from the Fabio Scalia experts, that will help you kick-start the process. Press play to check out our beautiful friend Savannah get ready and how she maintains her beautiful hair long and healthy.


Start from the scalp and work your way down

Regular scalp treatments are essential to boost your hair growth. If you are a person that does not shampoo their hair often and has a sensitive scalp, your scalp can become oily and dry. By doing in-salon scalp treatments regularly you can stimulate the Sebaceous gland to help prevent these common scalp concerns.
To help maintain your hair longer and thicker, you can do the Fusio-Dose treatment. This treatment will moisturize your hair and prevent it from breaking and splitting. Both the Fusio-Dose and the scalp treatment are available at Fabio Scalia!

The right supplements for hair growth

To maintain longer and thicker hair, the vitamins you eat play a major role in hair growth and the quality and strength of the hair. While we get vitamins from the food we eat, a little boost is most likely always needed. Fabio Scalia recommends the award winning brand Nutrafol. In a sea of all kinds of supplements on the market right now, Nutrafol is one of few that actually has proven results even in autoimmune cases. You can find Nutrafol at all Fabio Scalia salon locations.

You are what you eat

What you eat plays a huge role in the quality of your hair growth. Tests have shown that if your diet lacks important nutrients, such as vitamin A, C, D and E, zinc, B vitamins, iron, biotin, protein and other fatty acids it may slow down your hair growth, and in worst case scenario cause hair loss. A diet including berries, spinach, fatty fish and seeds have proven to correct deficiencies and help treat hair loss and strengthen hair and speed up growth. You can read more about that here!

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Brush your hair to increase growth

Brushing your hair everyday is key for longer and thicker hair, because it will help distribute the natural oils in your hair. Natural oils protect your hair from damage. No matter what your hair texture is, you should brush your hair everyday.
Having the right brush is also very important, check out Fabio Scalia’s own hair brush collection next time you are in the salon. Our stylists will guide you toward the brush that will work the best for your type of hair.

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