For Perfect Hair Volume & Bounce

We are quickly approaching the end of the year. Undoubtedly, everyone is gearing up for an unusual holiday season. For the most part, many of us will be holding very small and quiet gatherings, perhaps virtual celebrations will be in place this year. Either way, we still want to look our very best, and nothing says happy festive mood than beautiful revitalize voluminous hair. 

We turn to hair stylist Valerie Hyams for answers on how to achieve the perfect hair bounce this holiday season. In fact, as a Kérastase ambassador, Valerie showed us how the new Chronologiste line is the hair savior we’ve all been waiting for! 

Model: Samantha Kumiko 
Photographer: Riccardo Piazza 

“I absolutely love the new Chronologiste line. It is one of the most versatile hair care lines I’ve ever worked with. It is designed to revitalize the hair from scalp to ends. The results are mind blowing bounce, volume and gorgeous shine.” 

Valerie Hyams, Fabio Scalia Brooklyn Heights
chronologiste by kerastase
Chronologiste by Kerastase

What makes this collection so special? 

“The ingredients used are what makes this line a game changer. In fact, Chronologiste is formulated with Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, and Abyssine.” 

Can you explain in layman’s terms? 

“Absolutely! Hyaluronic acid moisturizes and hydrates both the scalp and fiber. Next, vitamin E works as a protector from external aggressors. Finally, abyssine is the invigorating agent that regenerates the hair fiber and results in that bounce we all crave”

What is your favorite product from the line? 

“Without a doubt the Pre-Cleanse Regenerant. Because of the charcoal, it purifies the scalp and removes all impurities. Admittedly, amazing hair cannot happen if you don’t pay proper attention to the scalp. It’s the root of everything!” 

Pre Cleanse Regenerate
Purifying scalp
thermal protection
Apply for thermal protection and complete frizz control
revitalize regenerate hair

Final Results

voluminous hair

bouncy Hair volume
Model: Samantha Kumiko 
Photographer: Riccardo Piazza 

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