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Image Source: Olivia Culpo  Khloe Kardashian, Olivia Culpo and Margot Robbie are three of many celebrities rocking the trendiest haircut of the season: the lob haircut. The name is a simple merge from the two words long & bob (whereas the length of the hair usually falls between your collarbone and your chin). In this week’s blog post, our Soho Stylist Nordia McIntosh guides you through the trendiest chop of the season.Like mentioned in our previous blog post “How To: Transition Your Hair From Summer to Fall”, we’ve reached the time for transformation. If you’re looking for an easy and manageable haircut the lob is for you. It’s not only a great way to achieve fullness and volume, but also a way to get rid of dry summer ends.Chopping off your lengths might seem like a bold change but the lob still feels very feminine which I believe is a reason to why it has become so popular. A lob can be curly, textured, sleek, beachy