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Get The Look: Jessica Alba’s Glamorous Side-Swept Curls

As one of the best hair salons in New York City, the latest trends are always infused into our approach ensuring that our service is cutting-edge. Recreating celebrity looks is a part of our everyday lives as hairdressers. Trending right now is Jessica Alba’s glamorous side swept curls seen on the cover of the latest issue of InStyle magazine. In this week’s blog post, stylist Isabel Vera breaks it down step by step how to get this classy hairstyle. When creating a look like this, the preparation is a key element. To achieve the texture, lovely volume and defined silhouette, we will use Label.m products throughout the process. When the hair is wet, you would start by applying volume mouse ...
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How to: Rinse Your Hair Correctly During Summer

Does your rinsing routine make a difference on your hair’s condition? Spoiler alert: it does! Truth is, rinsing your hair correctly can save your strands a lot of damage. In this week’s blog post, Fabio Scalia explains the importance of having a great routine. Fabio, why is rinsing your hair after a swim in the water so important? – Most people know that the sun is very damaging for the hair but fewer people know that chlorine and saltwater can be even worse. Saltwater and chlorine work as dehydrating agents and in combination with the sun, it can cause some serious damage to your hair. So if you can rinse it out immediately after you take a swim, it will ...
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Does Age Matter When Choosing a Hairstyle?

Jennifer Aniston by Alexei Hay for Elle Magazine It used to be that when you reached a certain age you were destined for your mother's haircut. But is there such thing as an age appropriate haircut? In this week’s blog post, Fabio Scalia explains if the relation between the length of your hair and your age in number should matter. “I’m not a believer that women should shorten their hair to correspond with the number of birthdays they’ve celebrated. Your age shouldn’t be associated with the length of your hair. It’s more about your look and how you carry it. Sure, when you see a 50+ woman with hair down to her waist, all you see is probably very long ...
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Cutting Your Hair Short – Everything You Need to Know

Image Source: Cosmopolitan / James White Even if you’ve loved your long locks for decades, spotting a pixie cut can inspire you to do a major chop. However, there are a few things to take into consideration before your makeover. In this week’s blog post, we talk about the things you need to know before your appointment. “I recommend all my clients to think long and hard before they decide whether to cut their hair short or not. But also remember that change can be good and it’s just hair – it will grow back (or you can cheat with extensions wink wink). It is important to remember that shorter hair can be harder to style. But there’s also freedom with having ...
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