Suz Dyer // February 1 - May 31


Suz Dyer

Artist's Statement:This art exhibit is about photographic abstraction. Photographic Abstraction is a process where the photographer records an abstraction of an ordinary object, therefore challenging its essence. There are about as many ‘techniques’ used to create these works, as there are works. After amassing quite a few photographs, but still not achieving my goal of a true abstract photograph, I realized there were certain criteria that must be met. First, does the picture represent something real/tangible? Second, does the abstracted image alter the viewers’ perspective of the initial subject? Next, does the image require the viewer to participate? And lastly, is the viewer exposed to a higher reality of the image?All these pieces are a simple representation of random subjects, yet all these subjects are connected. Each nurtures human life. Wassily Kandinsky said, "Color is the power which directly influences the soul." And I think you'll find here, the use of color, or lack thereof, removes the commonality and creates an image of unknown origin, thus elevating it to some higher reality. It is my hope that each image will move you, make you wonder, and soothe you. It is also my hope that your very first words are, what is that? Someone once said, form is feeling. I hope you are feeling something as you gaze at the work before you.currently on view at Fabio Scalia Soho, 311 West Broadway, NYC.The opening reception will be held on Sunday, February 26, 2017, from 4:00pm to 7:00 pm.


February 1 - May 31

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