Like any piece of art, hair must be

maintained, nourished and taken care of.


Brooklyn Heights
Growing up in Italy, Rocco had the opportunity to be surrounded by beautiful and inspiring things his entire childhood. Hair was the canvas to his artistic expression. As a colorist, women’s hair became his creative outlet. He began his career after art school working for Compagna Della Belezza. The company has over 300 salons world wide, primarily in Europe. In 2005, he spent two years in Paris teaching coloring techniques for his company. This was a time of continuous growth for him. It led him to L’oreal Academy where he learned from some of the most talented artists in Europe. With L’oreal he traveled to Rome and Milan, where he participated in fashion week and numerous fashion shows. After working with some of the best talent in Europe he was ready to step into the U.S. scene and New York was only form fitting. He promptly joined the Fabio Scalia team. In his seven years here his talent and passion for hair has only increased. Rocco is a perfectionist and he takes advantage of every opportunity that comes his way to be a part of the most advanced trainings in hair design. He constantly uses his knowledge and expertise to develop  new and meticulous strategies for the perfect results.


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