You haven’t washed your hair in the right way

In order to receive a blow out that lasts for several days, your hair needs to be extremely clean. By that, we mean shampooing twice; the first time shampooing you are getting rid of any loose dirt and/or old product in which the shampoo will not produce much lather; the second time will produce much more lather because you are starting with a cleaner scalp. Keep in mind to massage your hair at the roots to give your scalp that extra boost it needs.

You shower without a shower cap

Showers are great, but moisture and humidity are not when you want to extend the life of your blowout. Tuck all of your hair into a terry cloth-lined shower cap (or any material cap should work) before showering and your blowout will stay preserved once you get out.

You go to sleep with your hair down

To prevent losing the volume you fought so badly for, put your hair upside down and gather your hair into a loose bun on top of your head before going to sleep. When you wake up the next day,  brush your hair gently and add some product to it, which reminds me- speaking of products.

You are using the wrong products

So you managed to achieve that amazing hairstyle you’ve always dreamt of. Now what? A good finishing spray with the right amount of texture will make your style look amazing for days. Styling should be easy and with the right hair products, with the right amount, and yes a little bit of dedicated time, you can get the results you wish for.

You’re using the wrong brush

If you’re looking for a voluminous, bouncy and glamorous look, a round brush should be your best pick. Today there are endless amounts of brushes, bristles, and materials that you left wondering what’s for what. Styling should not be at the expense of your scalp or your manes’ health. At Fabio Scalia Salon, we offer brushes of the highest quality from Italy created to help clients maintain the integrity of the hair while at the same time adding shine to the strands. These brushes also allow you to maintain your hair color better. Get yours in the salon today!

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