Cezanne Keratin Treatment at Fabio Scalia Salon
For those of you have have known me for a long time, you know I have never been the hugest fan of Keratin treatments in the past. I don’t like my staff, or my clients, to have to breath in the foul odor of the formaldehyde (found in most treatments) and I don’t like to use chemicals that can damage a clients hair. In fact, we have never offered the most “potent” treatments at the salon, even when clients have requested them, because of these reasons. Healthy hair has always been our number one priority.
This is why I am thrilled with the product we recently discovered, Cezanne Perfect Finish Keratin Smoothing Treatment. Cezanne is 100% formaldehyde free and, over time, it actually improves the health of the hair. It leaves hair shiny, manageable and easy to style.
How it Works
Cezanne uses siricin, which is a natural protein produced by the Bombyx Mori silkworm. Combined with botanical extracts, vitamins and amino acids CPF protects and fortifies the hair while cementing in the keratin, which creates the smoothness. CPF uses a low ph system, which allows the keratin, vitamins and botanicals to enter into the cortex of the hair. After the formula is applied to the hair, a flat iron is used to seal the cuticle and lock in the keratin blend. Depending on the length of your hair, the application process takes between 2 1/2 and 3 hours and the smoothing effects last for approximately three months.
After treatment hair will be sleek, healthy and frizz free! CPF was given the thumbs up by staffers of Allure Magazine who said, “the treatment delivers serious shine and a dramatic reduction in frizz”. If your hair is naturally wavy Cezanne allows you to maintain your curls, but they will be slightly looser and much easier to smooth out (if you are going for a straighter look). Results are seen instantly and on every hair type.
I am excited to be able to offer this new treatment at Fabio Scalia Salon and, so far, our clients have been thrilled with the results!
Click here for the before and after photo gallery on the Cezanne website.