Capricorn hairstyle

It’s Capricorn season, so naturally — for those born under the sign of the goat (sea-goat, to be specific) — we’ll be talking about how your hair can be the GOAT!

Characterized by tenacity, Capricorns are determined to win and will go to all lengths to ensure their hair is also a success. If you encounter someone with their hair *done* and nothing out of place, it’s probably a Capricorn. 

Colorist Giulla Farella, a Capricorn, also notes that —since they are known to be stubborn and know what they want—if you’re with a Capricorn colorist or stylist, they may be just as stubborn about their opinion of what is best. Listen to them, as they have your hair health, lifestyle and face shape in mind when their expert recommendations!

Clean & Professional

No messy bedhead styles here – it’s all business with Capricorn. That’s why we love a sharp precision bob in its many sexy, yet polished, variations. 

Earthy Hair Color

Capricorns definitely do have a wild side, but when it comes to hair color, earthy tones are best. However, says Giulia, “They also love going blonde, because they like to be noticed in the room. I mix techniques like balayage and highlights to get the best blonde results that are also natural.” Finally, Giulia notes, Capricorns tend to gravitate toward expensive colors, but the colorist needs to ensure the final result is polished (and not double processed).


mix of balayage and highlights

Versatile Power Styles

While Capricorns are known for being serious, they have a mischievous side and can be some of the best party companions once you get to know them. That’s why we love these power cuts, which can be styled either sleek and professionally, or changed up when Capricorns want to let loose. 

First, a surprise twist on a ponytail, which is Fabio’s handiwork and a stunning new take on this classic style, and one that exudes both sophistication and a hint of mischief.

ponytail twist
hair twisted

For the guys, a cut that works both ways: From the boardroom to the club room. Fabio adds thay ”it’s ideal to leave top of the crown longer so it is more versatile. Even with a little bit of disconnection is OK, as long as it is not too obvious.”

men haircut by Fabio
boardroom men haircut
club room men hairstyle

Finally, a fierce pixie – also cut and styled by Fabio – that can transform from not-messing-around to showing its softer side.

    Polished Blowouts

    To rock a Capricorn blowout, focus on subtle bounce and poise as opposed to wild and free. Below, a sophisticated supermodel look with a warm caramel courtesy of JC Canto of our Soho location; and an earthy shoulder-length brunette cut and styled by Fabio. And if you’re ready to try your hand at an at-home blowout, our very own Bella makes it look easy with the FS Collezione La Sophia hairbrush.   

      caramel hair
      polished blowout

      Book an appointment today to start the New Year with perfect hair, Capricorn-style!  

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