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As a hairdresser, it’s fun to be inspired by what other hairdressers are doing, and by which hairstyles celebrities choose to wear on the red carpet. Of course, with that comes a healthy amount of competition, with other hairdressers, but it’s all in good fun! For me the Academy Awards are more about the hair and fashion than the movies themselves, so I definitely have a strong opinion about all of the Oscar night looks. This year we saw a little bit of everything on the red carpet, from soft updo’s to sleek ponytails to edgy rocker chic. There were hits and misses but here are the looks that deserved an award for best hair in my book….. Zoe Saldana- Her low tousled bun is flirty and romantic. I love how the loose curls frame her face. By far, this was my favorite look of the night! Lady Gaga- Her ponytail is completely in style right now (would we really expect anything different from Lady Gaga?). The first time I saw this look was when I was working in Milan and replicating a look that was created for a Dolce & Gabbana ad campaign that featured models with low wrapped ponytails accessorized by a hairpiece or flower. Lady Gaga nailed the look! Rita Ora- Her look is sleek, versatile and chic. What I like most about it is her hair color. It compliments her skin tone perfectly. I also love the way she left her eyebrows a darker color. With the platinum blond hair and deep side swept part it looks like she has a halo surrounding her exotic features. Chrissy Teigen- Her look is glamorous and timeless. The streaks of blond add movement  to her waves. Her hair is blonder at the ends and a little darker on top, which creates a lot of dimension. Her make-up is flawless!  Emma Stone- She has a fun asymmetrical updo. The waves are beautifully done and the look is clean and polished. I would have done exactly the same thing with her hair, as the waves bring out the shine of her warm red locks. Keira Knightly- The center part adds a bit of romance to her look. The waves are soft and relaxed and the Chanel headband is a perfect finishing touch. It looks retro yet Victorian. Hope you enjoyed my 2015 Academy Awards hair commentary. All these actresses look beautiful and I can’t wait to recreate these looks on my clients! Ciao-- Fabio Individual photo credits: Harpersbazaar.com, thegloss.com,totalbeauty.com  

Many of my client’s ask me if there is any difference between taking care of their child’s hair and taking care of their own hair. The answer is quite simply, yes, as your child’s hair has different needs than your own. The diameter, texture and color of your child’s hair is still forming until age 10 to 12 (and sometimes even into the teen years). Basically, your child’s hair is much more delicate than your own. Here are some tips you should consider when taking care of your child's hair: Do not wash your child’s hair every day- Of course I tell ALL of my client’s not to wash their hair every day but I know many of you do not apply this rule to your children. Here’s why you should. Shampooing every day is too aggressive for your child’s delicate hair and scalp. Children’s hair is dryer and less greasy than adult hair because sebaceous glands do not start producing significant amounts of oil until puberty. So your child’s hair really isn’t as “dirty” as you think it is and simple water will often do the trick. Even sweat can be dissolved with water alone. Shampooing two to three times a week should be sufficient. (Tip- if you are only washing hair twice a week, do two shampoos each time you wash). Of course, use judgment. If your child regularly goes to the beach, swim class or has a habit of getting ice cream in their hair, you should wash more frequently. Use a gentle shampoo- Once your child is old enough to keep shampoo out of their eyes you can use an “adult” shampoo. Look for a shampoo with a pH of 5.0 to 5.5, no higher than 6. A higher pH will create drier hair. When choosing a shampoo, look for one that is ultra-gentle. You can try Oribe Ultra Gentle Shampoo, which is a sulfate-free shampoo that produces less lather and is less drying than other shampoos. Use a de-tangling conditioner and daily detangling spray for long hair- The only reason to use conditioner on a child’s hair is for detangling, therefor I do not recommend it for short cuts. Since long hair tangles easily, use a detangling conditioner whenever you wash your child’s hair. Make sure you comb the conditioner through before rinsing so that it gets evenly distributed throughout the hair. NEVER put any type of conditioner directly on the scalp. On days you do not wash your child’s hair, use a detangling spray or leave-in conditioner. Detangle curly hair when it is wet. (You can wet hair easily using a spray bottle). Start from the bottom and work your way up when detangling, using a wide toothed comb along with your fingers. Detangle straight or wavy hair when it is dry or damp. I recommend using a detangling brush, such as the CP Creative Wet/Dry Detangling Brush. Make sure you are detangling the knots and not breaking the hair. Gently brush straight hair once or twice a day to prevent tangles from forming and to distribute sebum (the natural oil your hair produces) throughout the hair. Make sure to get your child’s hair cut often- Since children’s hair is more prone to breakage, tangles, chlorine damage and dryness, it can be more difficult to style. This is why you shouldn’t wait more than eight weeks to get your child’s hair cut. Short styles will require cuts even more frequently. The frequent cuts will keep the hair healthier. Don’t forget about style- Just because they’re young does not mean they don’t want to look fashionable! For short styles, styling products are fine. A paste or pomade will keep your child’s hairstyle in place throughout their daily activities. You don’t have to break the bank, just choose a styling product that fits your budget. For longer hair, ponytails, buns, braids and twists can help the hair from becoming tangled throughout the day. Use a ribbon hair tie (also mentioned in my post about maintaining your blow-out) to put your child’s hair up without leaving a dent or damaging the hair. I hope you enjoyed this week’s hair tips! Post any questions you have or feel free to ask me in person at the salon. Also, please check out our updated menu of services to view our new rates for children's cuts (available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays). Ciao, Fabio  

Fabio Scalia Salon is offering a full makeover to the winning bidder. Here’s what it’s all about. One of our clients, Jessica Greer, is the co-founder of an amazing organization called “Girl Be Heard”. It is a non-profit theater and educational program in NYC that allows young inner city women, ages 12 through 21, to have their voices heard through the arts. Girls write, direct and perform in theater productions with support from professional actors and directors. Their productions often focus on important issues that affect young women in today's society. The group started in 2008 with only eight members. Today they have over 100 members and they have performed at The White House and The United Nations! To show our support for this inspirational organization, Fabio Scalia Salon is offering up a full makeover to be auctioned off online NOW, and over the next 14 hours, leading up to their “Gotta Love Girls Gala”. The makeover will include make-up application by Michael J’ann Robinson, full color service with colorist Hector Osorio, and a cut/style with myself, Fabio (total value approx. $600). We know this is a last minute post so if you are interested in bidding on this offer don’t waste time! Click here to submit your online bid. Even if you don’t want a make-over take a second to read about these talented women and their stories. We totally support Jessica and "Girl Be Heard" and we're so happy to offer our support! Ciao, Fabio   http://girlbeheard.org/psa/  

My clients are constantly telling me that there’s nothing quite like a great blow out. They feel transformed when they leave the salon with a shiny, bouncy, glamorous blow out. It’s amazing how uplifting something so simple can be. How your day, your outfit and even your attitude can be so dramatically improved. But how long, you may have wondered, can that wonderful feeling last?  Here at Fabio Scalia Salon we feel that, with the appropriate amount of TLC, a good blow out should be able to last between 4 and 6 days. That is why this weeks beauty tip is dedicated to making your blow dry last. Our stylist, Theresa Belloni, put together a list of five ways to make a blow out last up to a week. Whether you are doing it yourself or having it done professionally, follow Theresa’s tips for a lasting blow out: 1) To begin with, make sure your hair is extremely clean. This will require two shampoos. It is important that you, or the person washing your hair, really massages your hair at the roots to make sure your scalp gets clean. The cleaner the better! A beautiful blowout on a dirty scalp is a failure waiting to happen. 2) If you are doing your own blow out, make sure that the blow dryer you are using gets really hot. Also, make sure it is fast-drying, to prevent hair damage. We carry the T3 line of blow dryers as well as the Parlux, which will both do the trick. I’m sorry to say, but it is impossible to achieve a proper blowout with a bargain dryer. They are just not powerful enough. 3) When you go to sleep at night put your hair up. Do NOT use a traditional elastic hair tie because you will get that “dent” that signifies the demise of your blowout. Instead, for volume the next day, put your head upside down and gather your hair into a loose bun on top. Secure with a ribbon hair tie, like these by Sephora, or any cloth hair tie that does not have a lot of elastic. If you are not trying to achieve volume, tilt your head back and pull hair into a low, tight bun just above your neck. Secure the same way. A high bun for volume

For smooth kissable lips, even in the dead of winter, our in house makeup expert, Michael J'ann Robinson, has a beauty tip that works great and is easy on the wallet. To create your own homemade lip scrub simply mix one teaspoon of olive oil and one tablespoon of sugar together to form a paste. Rub it on your lips to for a minute or so, to remove all the dead cells, before wiping off with a warm wash cloth. Apply your favorite moisturizing lip balm and you are ready to go! Michael recommends storing the leftover homemade lip scrub in a small tupperware container or jar for up to two weeks. *You can also try substituting honey for the olive oil. Honey does not have the same moisturizing effects as the olive oil but it is great for exfoliation. If you are feeling a little adventurous, we also found a list, courtesy of Brit & Co, of 23 types of homemade lip scrubs, made with everything from peppermint to ginger! Check out the list here.