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Whether you desire long, beachy hair for summer, or a fuller bob, hair extensions could be a great way to instantly achieve the look you want. At Fabio Scalia Salons, we offer Great Lengths Extensions – the most luxurious extensions on the market, made from ethically sourced, fully traceable non-chemically treated human hair. In this week’s blog post, our Soho hairdresser Elena Azzopardi guides us through the jungle of extensions.
“A lot of people think that extensions imply a drastic change. Truth is, It doesn’t have to be like that at all. Let’s say you got a bad haircut and you want to fill out the sides, or you want to create a different shape of the hairstyle. In those cases extensions could be a great option. Also, it allows us, as hairstylists, to play around with colors to add dimension to the final look. It’s not about creating big, long hair (even though it could be), but enhancing what you already have. I love being able to do that for my clients.
If a client has very fine hair, you would need to use smaller bonds to make the blending of the hair more natural. Otherwise, it’s a risk that they get too heavy on the scalp. By cutting them into smaller pieces, I can customize the extensions which will lead to a better result. A set of extensions lasts somewhere between 3-5 months but could be stretched until 6 if they are taken care of correctly.
I developed an interest for extensions when I lived and worked in Europe, but when I came here, to the US, I decided to take it to the next level and began my Great Lengths training. What makes Great Lengths stand out from other brands is the keratin bonds that have the same structure as our own hair, which allows each extension to fuse with the natural hair on a molecular level, without the risk of damage. With hair sourced from the temples of India, Great Lengths is the industry’s top rated leader in extensions.“

– Elena Azzopardi, Soho

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