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Zodiac-wise, Aquarius season is a hairdresser's fan favorite due to Aquarians’ [sometimes eccentric] individualistic nature, and their penchant for creative self-expression. Further, an Aquarian hairstylist or colorist also has a perfect balance of traits that lend themselves to success in their craft: Intuition, an open mind, and a talent for creating new and innovative ways for clients to express themselves. “If you are an Aquarius you are a unique individual who is unafraid to let that show in your look and appearance,” comments Artistic Director Fabio Scalia. “You can pull off almost any style. If you feel bold, go for a bright creative hair color. It will look and feel authentic on you.” Tapping Into our Aquarian Expertise Fortunately for our clients, four fabulous Aquarians (Eddy Scudo in Brooklyn, and Mirko Vergani & Teresa Steed in SoHo),work  in our salons – and we spoke to two of them for insight:  Mirko Vergani, Master Colorist and a bona fide Aquarian, says that creativity and innovation in his work set him apart. “Being open minded to what my clients want, and the ability to insert my own creative input, is a beautiful relationship that I am able to build with them,” says Mirko.  For cut/style, rising star Teresa Steed says that “being comfortable with thinking outside the box is an Aquarian trait that works in my favor.” What's more, when behind the chair, Teresa's creative nature allows her to envision the look and bring it to life paying close attention to details big and small. In celebration of you gloriously unique Aquarians, here are four cuts, styles and color to inspire your wildest dreams.  Flow-y, Voluminous Long Hair As an air sign, stick with fluffy and flow-y styles, advises Fabio. And it doesn’t get any better than this stunning supermodel-style cut created to be both soft and boldly confident.  Category-Defying Color    Naturally, we look to Mirko to guide our creative color journey. Leave it to him to create this show-stopping coral color, styled two ways to showcase Aquarian style that defies categorization.  A Rebellious, Unpredictable Bob Don’t tell an Aquarian what to do, or that any hairstyle has to be worn this way or that. To support their non-conformity, Fabio’s latest short bob makes an artistic statement and can be styled three ways.  Airy See-Through Bangs  Are they there, or not? For ethereal Aquarius, barely-there bangs allow you to shape-shift as you please. If you aren’t in the mood to style them, just push aside and they’ll blend in with the rest of your hair.  Finally, whether you’re born under the sign of Aquarius or looking for a new style to support how you’re feeling during this season, our stylists can create a stand-out, free-flowing look this winter. Book now to channel the Age of Aquarius through a new cut and color! 

The secret to many of the most stunning celebrity hair looks? Extensions. And we're not just referring to the luxurious, long locks that are typically associated with them: Today, extensions are even used on bobs and – lately – for gray hair as well. If you’re looking to get extensions done at a hair salon, Fabio Scalia has several stylists, at both the Soho and Brooklyn Heights locations, who are trained in Great-Lengths Hair Extensions. Great Lengths is a brand that originated in Rome, but quickly gained popularity in the USA due to their craftsmanship and application. They choose only the finest Indian human hair, which makes for the most natural looking extensions once applied. And, the hair is double drawn, which means that there is the same thickness from root to tip, which gives the hair a thicker appearance.      How do hair extensions work? There are two different application methods for these extensions: pre-bonded keratin and tapes.    Pre-bonded Keratin Pre-bonded keratin has a tip of keratin, which we produce naturally in our hair follicles, and is bonded to the root of your hair. Keratin acts the way that our natural hair does. For example, when hair is wet it expands and then contracts as it dries. Pre-bonded keratin extensions will maintain the integrity of your hair since the application allows the root to move freely. It is seamless and undetectable with your hair up because of the allowance of natural movement. To apply, your Great Lengths specialist will take a small bundle of extension hair and attach it to the same amount of your own natural hair through the root. This makes the application completely customizable. Thickening, lengthening, and adding highlights/lowlights (without dyeing your own hair) is what these extensions can be used for.  These extensions last for 3-5 months.     Tapes The hair used for the tape extensions is the same as in the pre-bonded keratin application, but the main difference is going to be application. Ultra-thin adhesive holds together the hair extension. The extensions are then applied to your root. This type of extension application can be used for length and thickness. Tapes will last for 4-7 weeks before needing to get them re-applied to ensure a natural appearance, but the tapes and hair themselves can be used up to three times.    Which should you choose? Both options are customizable to your specific hair, but there are key notes when choosing an application for your needs. Keratin bonds are better for someone who does not want to be in the salon as often; they last longer than the tapes before needing a re-application. They are also great for someone who wants more freedom in the styling of their hair. This is because updos and ponytails are more concealed with keratin bonds. Because of this, keratin bonds are a bit less maintenance because they act as human hair does. This allows you to not worry as much about the products you place on your hair, like conditioners and oil. In contrast to that, tapes typically do not have as strong of a hold; you should be more mindful with adding conditioners/oils because the tape may become loosened and slip off.  Don’t let that scare you, though! Tapes are ideal for clients who have thinner hair and who are looking for thickness. Because the tape is ultra thin and lays flat on the head, it provides a seamless look. This means no accidental peeking if the hair on top moves around and is fine/see-through.    If you need help choosing which extension fit is right for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to either the Soho or Brooklyn location of Fabio Scalia Salons. We can book you a complimentary consultation with one of our Great-Lengths extension specialists and you’ll be walking out with the hair of your dreams in no time!   

Everybody can agree that there is nothing more stunning than a beautiful head of shiny, healthy, and voluminous curly hair. With all the different curl patterns, which are essentially the texture and size of your curl–and which  range from a wave (2A) to a tight coil (4C)–everyone’s curls are unique. And that many curly guys and girls have is maintaining the health and shine of their curls. If not taken care of correctly, curls can get frizzy, dull, flat, and/or dry and we are often asked: “How do I transform my curls?!” Our top three tips, here: Get Haircuts More Often It is important for all curly hair types to get a haircut every 8 to 12 weeks. The reason is because the dead ends that produce on the bottom of your hair will pull your curls down, making your curls flat. When it comes to a curly haircut, less is more. Even an eighth of an inch can help your curls spring back to life and be bouncy once again–check out this video to see how these curls snapped back after a cut by Senior Stylist Samantha Gradilone. This goes for men’s haircuts, too–and we love this men’s haircut and style using Kerastase’s Curl Manifesto. Use Styling Products for Shine and Bounce Having the right mix of products to help you achieve the look you’re going for is almost like a cheat sheet; a good product can go a long way in your hair journey. We use and recommend Kerastase’s line of products dedicated to curly hair. Take their Gelee Curly Contour Gel-Cream: This curl enhancing and defining cream reduces frizz and softens the hair. It can be applied to damp or dry hair before being styled or after for a refresher.  Wash Your Hair at Least Once a Week Using the Right Shampoo Styling products are deemed as a necessity for curly hair, but this can also lead to product build up on the hair. This will add weight to your curls, which will provide a lack of volume. To combat this, use a shampoo that breaks down all the build up without causing any dryness. For more personalized product recommendations, speak to your stylist about your hair goals at your next cut. These easy tips that can be implemented into your routine to help maintain your curls with little effort. Everyone’s hair is different and it may take couple of trials before obtaining the exact routine best suited for you, but talking with your professional stylist makes the process easier and faster–so you can be on your way to healthy and hydrated hair.  To book your next appointment click here