Does post quarantine hair have you in a slump? Are you lost about what to do with all that natural grey hair that came in? Since reopening we have seen many clients come in and ask to enhance their greys instead of covering them up. After months of not having access to a hair salon, many clients have used the opportunity to embrace their root growth and part ways with covering grey.

This week we chatted with Rocco Crisci, Color Director for Fabio Scalia Brooklyn Heights salon, as he walked us through a color correction service he performed on a client who needed a lot of help post-quarantine. 

The Before

At the start of the quarantine, the client decided to cover her greys at home using box color. The color did not come out the way she expected. The color ended up being too dark. The client left the color alone for the next three months. As the roots grew back in the client decided she wanted to transition to embracing her salt and pepper base. 

quarantine hair
Before Color Correction

The Process

According to Rocco, 3 months was a perfect time to wait before coming into the salon because there was enough regrowth (4 inches to be exact) wherein he could assess the percentage of grey to dark present in her natural base. The goal of the service was to remove the dark color from the ends and match it to the client’s salt and pepper base. 

The first step was to remove the box color from the hair with a color remover. Rocco points out that during this step it is very important to leave the roots undisturbed. Remember that the idea here is to keep the regrowth untouched so that he could match and blend the ends to the natural base. 

After the color removal, Rocco proceeded to do a full head of highlights service. During this process, Rocco meticulously used a blend of very fine highlights with a lightener and very fine lowlights in order to match the desired salt and pepper quality of the base color. 

Full Head of Highlights service

Next, Rocco used purple shampoo in order to remove any brassiness and yellow undertones. This step was followed by the application of a silver toner to neutralize any yellow left.

Rocco uses Kerastase’s Bain Ultra Violet and Cicaflash

The After

As you can see the final result is a very beautiful natural look that blends very naturally with the client’s natural salt and pepper base color. 

color correction after
After Color Correction

Finally, the client left the salon with Kerastase’s Ultra-Violet purple shampoo and conditioner  in order to neutralize any yellow undertones that may arise and preserve the cool tones in the hair. The entire service took about 6-8 hours. The client was very happy with the results. Sound overly complicated? Don’t worry, leave it to the experts at Fabio Scalia Salon. We’ve got you covered!

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