In recent months, we’ve noticed a decidedly feminine aesthetic on the runways, trending social feeds and mood boards: hair accessorized with a bevy of bows, ribbons and flirtatious styles have come to be known as “coquette.” Think pigtails, braided ribbons, chic bows and overall come-hither looks meant to allure and entice. 

“With any look, or trend that a client wants to embrace, we always consider their hair texture, lifestyle, face shape and overall look,” says Fabio. “For an aesthetic like coquette, there are many ways to approach it but for us, we have elevated and modernized it for a final look that is more chic, less cutesy.”

This version of the butterfly haircut, crafted by Antonio Juarez at the Brooklyn Heights salon, showcases Fabio’s vision of the style with its layered sides. “From the bouncy layers to the rich color – and down to her smile and outfit – this is a beautiful coquette!,” says Fabio.

Picture of a woman with a butterfly haircut

Bows and Whistles

Bows, ribbons, headbands and florals are all trademarks of a classic coquette style. The key is to not overdo it: while the accessory should be statement-making, keep it chic and upscale for an overall modern, yet glamorous look. And for more inspiration, check out these bows at the latest Couture Week

Coquette Color 

Reds – known as an enticing hue – are a classic coquette shade, shown here in a burgundy red done by Adela Dedaj and a rich copper done by Mirko Vergani. Both colors, and cuts, are playful yet have a more sophisticated sex appeal. But of course, we can’t forget blondes, who are the quintessential coquette! With a blonde color by Lucio Galano and cut by Nordia McIntonsh as lively as this, you won’t be able to resist doing multiple hair tosses throughout the day. 

A photo showing the back of a blonde person's head, with a hair bow prominently displayed
Image of a woman with long, deep burgundy hair
Image of a woman with short, copper hair
Side Profile View of Woman with Long Blonde Hair

Feeling flirty? We’d love to tempt you with something coquette for spring! Book now and our team can help you find a coquettish cut, style or color that’s perfect for you.

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