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Even if you’ve loved your long locks for decades, spotting a pixie cut can inspire you to do a major chop. However, there are a few things to take into consideration before your makeover. In this week’s blog post, we talk about the things you need to know before your appointment.
“I recommend all my clients to think long and hard before they decide whether to cut their hair short or not. But also remember that change can be good and it’s just hair – it will grow back (or you can cheat with extensions wink wink). It is important to remember that shorter hair can be harder to style. But there’s also freedom with having less hair to deal with on a daily basis. As top hairdressers in New York City, we make sure you leave our chairs with confidence and the knowledge of how to style your new ’do.
My philosophy is that anyone can have short hair – you just need to find a balance with the rest of your look. Your hairstyle needs to go well with your entire look including style, facial features, texture of hair and lifestyle. As curators of hair, we are committed to perfecting the way women wash, style, wear and live with their hair and a shorter hairstyle most definitely needs a little more maintenance than a longer one. Therefore, it’s extra important that the right products are being used to get best possible results. A lot of people think that short hair is just for a small number of people. I would say it’s the opposite. There are so many varieties and shapes of short hair – it’s all about finding the right look for you! By playing with color, you can enhance the shape of your cut. For instance, if you want more volume, you play with the contrast between light and dark colors.”

– Fabio Scalia

Is it time for a chop?

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