Meet Bec Donlan

The woman behind Sweat With Bec originally from Australia and now based in New York where she took the city by storm with her well known booty band workouts, and don’t let us stop you there she is also the founder behind the playful and popping CBD brand Go Basic!

We met with Bec Donlan for a glow up on her hair for a fresh start on the new year. For Bec healthy hair is important because she believes in that how you feel internally will mirror back on how you show up. For her there is an importance in treating yourself and to do hair treatments regularly to maintain healthy and firm hair.

Fabio Scalia’s colorist Claudia started off with some highlights to fresh up the roots and color, then our stylist Antonio did his magic and worked on cleaning up her ends and the surface of the hair. Antonio focused on retaining the length in her hair, giving Bec long layers and slightly framing her hair around her face.


Final glow up

Antonio used a one inch curling iron and these following products:

Antonio wanted to create a styling for Bec that would work with her hectic day to day life, as a result he gave her hair more movement, radiance and less maintenance. The outcome was natural and effortless! Just the way she wanted it.

Press play to check out the glow up process and if you have any questions please comment below and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


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