Salon-qualified hair oil, for all hair types, at an affordable price and from a 5-star brand? That’s all we want, and Kerastase (again) outdid themselves with this all-inclusive elixir oil. On top of that, there are some key ingredients that truly make Kerastase Elixir Oil shine compared to other hair oil products. At Fabio Scalia salons, we only use the best of the best for our clients, and Kerastase is one of our main product lines that we use. Read on to learn more about this incredible hair oil and why it’s extremely popular right now for all hair types!

What is Kerastase Hair Elixir?

Let’s take a look at the bare-boned and basic facts about this product. This hair oil is noted to be for all hair types and re-invigorated with sacred marula oil. Marula oil is a naturally-occurring oil derived from the marula tree located in the sub-Saharan tropical Africa. Naturally, alone, it’s a very expensive product to buy. But what Kerastase did was enhance their elixir oil with marula oil and make it affordable for everyone! What else is in this elixir? Let’s take a closer look at the unique blend of hair-rejuvenating ingredients that make this elixir both gentle and potent for healing on all hair types.

  • Camelia Oil: This is a one-of-a-kind emollient that keeps hair very supple and moist, and it absorbs very quickly leaving your hair with a radiant shine.
  • Argan Oil: This is a very popular oil used in hundreds of different hair products, so naturally, it was added to Kerastase Elixir Oil. Argan oil contains tons of antioxidants and essential fatty acids as well as vitamin E. It works as a natural way to increase elasticity, soften, and restore damaged hair.
  • Birrea Seed Oil: This is another form of Marula oil that actually comes from the trees seeds, and is extracted to use in beauty products of all types. It is actually the Zulu symbol of softness, tenderness, and female fertility!

Click here to see the full list of ingredients that Kerastase Elixir Oil has to offer, as well as the benefits you will reap from each ingredient. Something so great about Kerastase Elixir Oil is that there is not a ton of ingredients that you would normally see on the back of hair oils, which automatically makes it more of a trustworthy product. No one likes to see a long list of potentially harmful chemicals on a product’s ingredient list.

Why Should I Be Using A Hair Oil?

According to the experts, a good hair oil product replicates and supplements natural hair oil that we produce on a daily basis. However, with the way we treat our hair on a daily basis, many of these natural oils are stunted from being produced on the scalp. Enter Kerastase Elixir Oil. This product is used to mimic the natural oil your scalp produces, and these oils help to lubricate the outer hair cuticle and strengthen the inner core by providing moisture that aids in keeping strong bonds.

Even if you already produce enough oil in your hair, Kerastase Elixir Oil still acts as an extra boost especially if you have color-treated or chemically treated hair – or if you use relaxers in your hair. This elixir is wonderful for all hair types, but curly and textured hair really benefits from this oil. This is because textured hair is naturally much drier than straight hair and the oil coats the dry hair’s cuticles to make textured hair smooth and shiny.

How Much Kerastase Elixir Oil Should I Be Using?

This really depends on the length of your hair, if your hair is chemically treated, and how much oil your scalp naturally produces. However, according to Kerastase’s regulations, it’s safe to say that you can use 1-5 pumps of the elixir depending on your hair type. According to Kerastase, the trick is to apply one pump at a time and distribute the oil evenly. If your hair still feels dry and has a lack of shine, apply another pump. After a few applications of the product, you will simply know when your hair is oiled up to its fullest potential. As an added bonus, it smells absolutely incredible.

Do I Use Kerastase Elixir Oil On Wet Or Dry Hair?

At Fabio Scalia Salons, we use Kerastase Elixir Oil on both wet and dry hair – it just depends on what we see is best for your hair. Applying it to both wet and dry hair has their own sets of different benefits. For example, if you use Kerastase Elixir Oil on wet hair, you may notice less of a shine, but the benefits include detangling as well as heat protection for when you style your hair.

If you apply this product to dry hair, you will notice an immediate boost in shine, and you will have a much-improved frizz control. If you want to benefit from both, we suggest applying 1-2 pumps on wet hair, and then finishing off your hairstyle by adding another 1-2 pumps on to your dry and styled hair. 

Final Thoughts About Kerastase Elixir Oil

This product really has the “wow” factor in for it, as well as hundreds of 5-star reviews. So what’s the catch? There is none! Kerastase Elixir Oil is well known for having a luxurious scent, boosting your hair’s health naturally, and as an added bonus, it’s extremely affordable. This naturally makes the product a staple in both reputable salons such as Fabio Scalia, and in your own home for personal daily use. Kerastase Elixir Oil is great to use on a daily basis, so you don’t have to worry about over-using the product. In addition, it’s packed full of natural antioxidants and hair-protecting ingredients that will make your hair shine and feel absolutely fresh and clean. Check out the product here and if you have a minute, check out the reviews! Kerastase Elixir Oil is definitely here to stay for a very long time, in both salons and at home.