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Hair that speaks volumes 

Appearance is everything for Leos, but when it comes to looks, hair is their number one priority. But, says stylist Miran Lima (below), oftentimes Leos struggle to explain how they want their hair to look. However, as a Leo herself, she understands how important their hair is, and how she can help them realize their vision based on individual textures and needs.

Oftentimes, Leos have the texture of a lion and want to smooth their hair and add more shine. This can be done with the Brazilian blowout, which is great to reduce frizz—especially for those who live where there is humidity and for the summer. Mirian advises, for clients that have curly hair, a Brazilian blowout annually, to have that luxe hair that they always want.


In Mirian’s experience, color-wise, Leos can be so attached to their hair that they like to remain safe in terms of colors. For Leo, the most important thing is the hair quality. Some are adventurers, some are not, they try but still stay with natural tones. and would just enhance and shine the tone they have naturally.

Leos take pride in their mane since they view it as an extension of their charismatic personalities. In short, they’ve got the rizz, so let’s jump into the wildest Leo hairstyles straight from the chairs of our salons.

The attention-grabbing blowout

The stylists at Fabio Scalia Salons are known for creating glamorous, lustrous blowouts, but for Leos let’s showcase our most blockbuster looks. According to Antonio Juarez, here is the best way to achieve the bounciest, most bombshell blowout: 

  1. Use a good volumizing shampoo, clean the hair to prepare it for product application. Don’t use conditioner in the roots, only the mid-length to ends

2. Apply products that will provide structure and volume, such as “Crown for Style” or Volumista from Oribe, or Kerastase’s Intensifique mousse

3. Using the proper brush – like La Mora 53mm, or La Sophia 60mm – is key, since the smaller the brush you use, the bouncier results

4. Finish with a finishing cream, like Supershine Moisturizing Cream, and hair spray

Long, lush locks for the lads

For men’s hairstyles, we hit up Salon Manager Miguel Alvarez, who rocks some of the best Leo-like curly hair around. Here, he’s using the FS Collezione La Claudia brush, which helps gently detangle his hair while providing an invigorating scalp massage.

However, for summer, it’s important to prepare longer curls so they are healthy and damage-free. For this look above, stylist Nordia McIntosh, of our Soho salon, explains how to protect your curls from heat:

  1. Use a diffuser to style your curls. This will leave them bouncy, shiny and curly

2. For products, she recommends Kerastase’s Nutritive line, including the shampoo and Masquintense Riche Hair Mask, which will restore the hair’s moisture

3. Deep moisturize with a mask 1-2 times/week during the summer, since hair becomes dry and dehydrated from sun exposure

Wild and free manes

We talked about this look in our Cancer blog as well due to its waves, but it’s so wildly Leo-like that we can’t resist sharing it again. To get these gorgeous free-flowing locks, Nordia used Kerastase’s Nutritive Nectar Thermique heat protectant primer, then braided the hair. She then dried it and sprayed it upside down with Texture spray. The end result? The most glorious Leo hair that’s set to stop everyone in their tracks. 

For the color on the right, JC Canto – of our Soho salon – used the Foilyage technique, which provides a natural, sun-kissed look with soft, blended color transitions. This client preferred visible roots for a low-maintenance style and wanted more dimension in her hair. The technique involved seamlessly “melting” the colors from roots to ends and applying gloss for added shine. This approach suits Leo personalities who appreciate a freestyle, creative look with less structure (but still with dimension).

Ready to strut the end of summer with these Leo-inspired cuts or colors? Book an appointment now and let your Leo side shine!

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