More and more men and women are choosing the natural route when it comes to maintaining their hair. In fact, naturally curly hair is quite the trend right now! That doesn’t go without saying – curly hair is a daily struggle and we have a lot of questions about it! This natural route has lead to many questions – how do you take care of curly hair? How do you keep the curls bouncy and the frizz down? How do I properly nourish my naturally curly hair? At Fabio Scalia Salons, we can take your curls to the next level and give you the right tools and practices that will help you and your curly hair in the future. Here are the top 5 most commonly asked questions about naturally curly hair.

How do I Maintain my Frizz?

Frizz is one of the largest stresses when it comes to maintaining naturally curly hair. And, curly hair naturally produces much more frizz that wavy or straight hair. According to some of the best hair salons in NYC, there are many ways to go about taming frizz. These experts suggest many things, including to not touch your hair when it is drying – even slight touches will produce more frizz.

The best hair salons in NYC also suggest that you are maintaining your hair by using the right hair products for your curls as well as the season. Yes it’s true, even the seasons can effect how much your hair frizzes up. Sometimes, you need a completely different routine in between the seasons. In addition, you should never skip a weekly moisturizing mask. Hydrated hair will frizz up way less than thirsty hair. Finally, it always helps to find a mousse, gel, or styling cream that holds your hair in place throughout the day. Finding the right product can take some trial and error but it will ultimately benefit you in the long run.

What Products/Things Should I Avoid to Keep Curly Hair Healthy?

The best hair salons in NYC suggest that your curly hair needs all of the moisture it can get. Moisture helps your curly hair stay shiny and healthy, and it helps maintain the curls. Anything that will potentially dry your hair out, you should avoid – this includes sulphates and products that contains alcohol. There are also components in hair products that can prevent your hair from absorbing moisture, such as silicones. Of course, you should do your best to avoid harsh chemicals like bleaching or over-dying your hair unless you have the help of a salon professional. Avoid using tools on your hair that contains high heat as well.

How Do Professionals Cut Curly Hair?

This depends on your stylist and your curls. But for the most part, dry cuts provide the best results because each curl shrinks differently. The best hair salons in NYC wash and dry your hair in order to take in the correct length and shape of your hair. So, how do dry cuts work? Your Fabio Scalia professional hair stylist will want you to wash and dry and style your hair as you normally would every day before your appointment. After we cut your hair (dry), we will wash and style it again so you can see the final result. Getting rid of your damaged ends is absolutely crucial to happy curly hair, and you’ll feel so much less weighed down after the cut.

What are the Essential Tools for Curly Hair?

There are things you can do at home that will better improve the health of your curly hair. You know your hair the best – something even the professionals don’t always even know. If you have curly hair, the best tools for your home hair care routine include:

  • A microfiber towel
  • Wide tooth comb
  • Wet brush or tangle teaser
  • Coil hair ties (a curly hair must-have, because unlike other hair ties, these ones won’t break your curls)
  • Satin scarfs or pillows
  • A scalp massager – these are great for helping your hair grow as well as distributing hair product
  • Anti-frizz hair products that don’t contain harsh chemicals
  • A trusty hair oil to make your hair shine and make your curls bounce

All of these products have their own reasons why they will make your hair care routine so much easier.

Do Hair Dyes Ruin Curly Hair?

Most hair dyes will potentially damage your naturally curly hair. Hair dyes contain tons of harsh chemicals that will have a negative impact on your hair. The best hair salons in NYC, as well as highly-skilled professionals suggest using semi permanent vegan hair dyes that are way less harsh than other ones. The biggest problem with dying your hair, especially if your hair is naturally dark, is that you have to bleach your hair first (especially if your adding a color or going lighter), wish is highly damaging. Even if your hair is super healthy, you should avoid dying it too much.

What Temperature and When Should I Use A Hair Dryer

This is a tricky one, because high heat will not only create a huge amount of frizz, but it will also damage your hair (especially if you do it a lot). It’s best to use a hair dryer that has a diffuser head attached in order to dry your hair appropriately after a wash. Don’t ever use the high heat setting, and give your hair a hydration boost with valuable hair products before drying. If you decide to straighten your hair or style it in any other way after drying it, use a heat protected mousse or oil.

Final Thoughts

Curly hair isn’t the easiest to work with, even the best hair salons in NYC know that. However, with the proper tools and application steps it will be easier to maintain your naturally curly hair and make it look as great as it feels. In addition to all the tips above, make sure you visit your professional hair stylists at Fabio Scalia Salons in order to learn more about how you should properly take care of your curly hair. Give us a call today to book an appointment and get the most out of your curls!