Does your rinsing routine make a difference on your hair’s condition? Spoiler alert: it does! Truth is, rinsing your hair correctly can save your strands a lot of damage. In this week’s blog post, Fabio Scalia explains the importance of having a great routine.

Fabio, why is rinsing your hair after a swim in the water so important?
– Most people know that the sun is very damaging for the hair but fewer people know that chlorine and saltwater can be even worse. Saltwater and chlorine work as dehydrating agents and in combination with the sun, it can cause some serious damage to your hair. So if you can rinse it out immediately after you take a swim, it will make a significant difference on the health of your hair. Also, your color is more likely to last longer.
In what ways does it affect your hair color?
Most people are aware that when salt is on your body, it tends to tan faster. Same goes with hair and saltwater. Therefore, it’s important to rinse your strands after a dip in the ocean if you want to maintain the color, shine and health of your hair.
What else can be done to maintain the hair color?
– If you want your hair color to last longer, I suggest you end every shower with a cold water rinse. Besides from being a very effective wake-up call, it’s a great way to give your mane that extra boost. It’s beneficial for your scalp as it improves blood circulation and it will make your hair shinier.
Any final tips or tricks?
– A beach trip is a perfect opportunity to apply product to the hair to give it that extra boost it needs during summer. So ideally, you would rinse your hair after a swim, apply deep conditioning product and let it sit throughout the day for best possible results.

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