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June 2021

CURLY HAIR ROUTINES WITH NEW LINE KERASTASE Think about how you can now be in control of the look you’ve always craved, by pampering your curly hair with new Kérastase. This new line of hair care is available in June. It is here! You have a choice of three curly hair routines that is sure to satisfy your liking. Since curls differ in so many ways--from loose to tight, wavy, coily, corkscrew tendrils, and beyond, we introduce three superior curly hair routines to match the needs of every hair type. Your natural look will be heightened, revealing the unmistakable you. VARIOUS TEXTURES CURLY HAIR DEMAND SPECIALIZED CARE OF KÉRASTASE Routine Number 1 for Wavy Hair This attractive type of hair may be somewhat oily or dry, and is capable of being frizzy but has a consistent shine. Some types of wavy hair tend to be fine, while others have a coarse texture. Shampoo with Bain Hydration Douceur. This creamy, mild, and soothing shampoo penetrates the hair follicles to thoroughly cleanse, nourish, and hydrate. Condition – Fondant Hydration Essentielle. Loss of moisture is immediately restored and your hair feels light and manageable with this conditioner. Style - Crème de Jour Fondamentale. You can tame your frizz and leave this product in your hair. Enjoy the soft curls. The Gelee Curl Contour may be combined with Crème de Jour Fondamentale to effortlessly bring out the beauty of your waves. Between Shampoos - Hero product, Refresh Absolu. Spray for maximum hydration that will keep your curls lively and brilliant. Routine Number 2 for Very Curly Hair These curly, streaming twists have a beautiful, resilient elasticity and can be tight or or loose. Hair moisture is not readily accessible and does not extend all the way through to the ends, which greatly impacts having a lustrous shine. Frizz, dryness, and breakage are more common with this hair type. Shampoo with Bain Hydration Douceur for intense cleansing to remove any build up of residue from past products. It nourishes and hydrates in preparation for conditioner. Condition - Masque Beurre is supremely rich and specially formulated for this hair type--it is not your traditional conditioner. It flawlessly detangles, nourishes, and strengthens your hair, stopping breakage. Style - Crème de Jour Fondamentale can be left in. Providing shine, shutting out frizz, and bringing curls to life, it can be safely combined with Gelee Curl Contour to add even more beauty to your hair. Huile Sublime Repair is another multi-use oil that is nutritionally sound, and a delightful addition to this product line. It is used on the scalp and strands to complement your shine. Between Shampoos - Refresh Absolu mists, moisturizes, and revives the strands, and curls as you anticipate your next shampoo! Routine Number 3 for Coily Hair The coils of this hair type is tight, delicate, and requires generous time and attention to be the very best. Patterns of coils vary from person to person but each deserves meticulous observation. Pre-Shampoo with Huile Sublime Repair prepares by nourishing and detangling your curls before your total shampoo. As a multitasker it is also used in the styling process. Shampoo – with Bain Hydration Douceur thoroughly cleanses your scalp and luscious strands, removes residue from past products, nourishes and hydrates. Condition – Curl Manifesto, Masque Beurre Haute Nutrition is recommended. It is the ultra rich ingredient necessary to ensure a suave feel to the touch, and relieves tangles. Style – A pleasing combination of three products is used here: Start with the leave-in Crème de Jour Fondamentale and Huile Sublime Repair to retain moisture. Gelee Curl Contour adds the finishing touch and beauty. Overnight – It’s Huile Sublime Repair to the rescue again to fortify your stunning hair with supreme nourishment! Between Shampoos – Refresh Absolu is a refreshing and delicate mist that gently moisturizes your curls, giving your hair the amazing, finishing touch it deserves. FOR A CONSULTATION FOR YOUR CURLY HAIR BOOK NOW

Fabio’s commitment to perfection as a vital part of his mission, is demonstrated in his mastery of engaging extraordinary and brightest salon services, based in Brooklyn Heights and Soho, New York. State-of-the-art, sensational, trendy, and fashionable styles and techniques from Europe blend exclusively with Fabio’s wisdom as he teams up with the brightest and best. This team is adept in the artistry of first and foremost caring for the clients, then merging this with unique methods as they wash, color, style, add scalp treatments, and other practices that enhance hair splendor. The client’s specifications are taken into the utmost consideration, which includes friendly and precise consultations that result in the look that is tailor made for individual preference. VALUED AS THE BEST HAIR SALON IN BROOKLYN HEIGHTS AND SOHO Known for its accessibility to the heart of New York, Manhattan, this vogue mecca for stylish shoppers, SoHo and Tribeca, Fabio Scalia SoHo Hair Salon offer the ultimate in new ideas for every client. This is true for every season and occasion, for example, modeling on runways and attending red carpet events. Cuts, trims, choice colors, human hair extensions and safe chemical applications are some of their specialties. Scalp treatments include highlights, color correction, Balayage, single and double process, gloss. Bridal Services calm the hearts of anxious brides with an array of treatments to choose from, including Keratin Smoothing Treatment, Japanese Hair Straightening, perms, and relaxers. Adding nutrients and antioxidants are a natural regime of our salon. KÉRASTASE ELIXIR OIL’S CURRENT POPULARITY FOR BRIGHTEST HAIR This outstanding hair oil is the answer for all hair types and is surprisingly inexpensive! Kérastase Elixir Oil stands out as the benchmark among similar hair oils. The ingredients are rare and produce expected satisfying results. At Fabio Scalia Salons, Kérastase Elixir Oil is applied to wet or dry hair, and the results are gratifying regardless of hair type. Fragrant and stimulating to the sense of smell is also another great reason why our clients are buzzing about this oil. The protection, softness, strength, growth, and shine that this product provides cannot be overstated. It is what some might safely refer to as the “diamond of hair oils.” When infused with marula oil, which is deservedly a costly purchase when standing alone, Kérastase Elixir Oil is incredibly affordable. The exciting news is that this oil can be used on a daily basis. Explore this site to read much more about this jaw-dropping addition to your list of beauty items. Amazing, five-star ratings are frequently seen with the use of this product by the brightest and best. Other top-quality oils like Carmelia, Argan, and Birrea Seed Oils are also used at the Fabio Scalia Salons. Fabio maintains the same passion he had at twelve years old, “making people feel beautiful” --a passion that is emulated by his loyal team. COVID19 CONCERNS Here at Fabio Scalia Salons every measure of precaution is rigidly enforced by our team to ensure the well-being of our clients, whose safety comes first. With the apparent return to a somewhat “normal” life after COVID19, clients are now revitalized and seeking out the finest hair care that Fabio Scalia offers. BOOK NOW   Brooklyn Heights 148 Montague Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11201 718.874.1504 SoHo 311 West Broadway, New York, NY, 10013 646.859.0968  

  When it comes to the ideal head of hair, it's a perpetual journey to strike the right balance. Many people either struggle with overproducing or under-producing oil. One causes greasy, heavy hair, the other leads to dry, brittle hair. You buy a product for one problem, only to eventually welcome another problem in most cases. Other factors such as nutrition, toxic products, blood flow, chemicals in shower water, and overall toxicity play large roles as well. It's a combination of factors that cause a lack of adequate nourishment.   Dry, brittle hair can be a stubborn condition to remedy. It requires a combination of good internal nutrition, scalp massages, and truly hydrating, nourishing oils. Many oils don't have the right combination of nutrients to really get the job done. Some leave the hair overly greasy, heavy, and worse than before. Here are several natural products that may help nourish hair that is dull, dehydrated, weak, and in desperate need of nourishment.   Baobab Seed Oil Baobab oil is a deeply hydrating oil that comes from the famous baobab tree in Africa. It is a strong, resilient, highly revered tree in because of the nutrition it provides, even during droughts. The oil is pressed from the seeds, which contain omega fatty acids, vitamin E, D, A, and more. The compounds help to nourish the scalp, heal skin cells, and hydrate hair. Moreover, baobab oil nourishes and hydrates without weighing hair down or causing greasiness. Watermelon Seed Oil Just like watermelons are known to be one of the most hydrating fruits, the same goes for the seed oils. The oils extracted from watermelon seeds are great at hydrating and balancing dry, brittle hair. The fatty acids and plant sterols help to calm down inflammation, fight hormonal hair loss, and guard against dehydration. Furthermore, they help add texture and shine without any greasy residue. In addition, watermelon seed oil may also help to balance sebum production. Meadowfoam Seed Oil Meadowfoam has unique fatty acids that help to hydrate and strengthen dry, brittle hair. The eicosenoic long-chain fatty acids have the ability to improve shine, texture, and texture over time. They are highly resistant to heat and oxidation, which can help protect hair from the humidity and the elements. Moreover, meadowfoam oil coats the hair and locks in hydration without causing greasiness. Emu & Ostrich Oil These two oils are rich in nourishing and repairing fats that help to soothe dryness. The molecular profile allows them to be easily incorporated into the skin's structure, causing lasting hydration. Some have said that emu oil may stimulate dormant hair follicles. Although it is unlikely to cause the regrowth of hair, some people have noticed thicker, fuller hair. The word on the street is that ostrich oil may be superior to emu because of its smaller molecular size, which improves penetration. In addition, it may be slighter richer in the nourishing fats and nutrients that cause the positive effects. Fenugreek & Marshmallow Root Fenugreek and marshmallow root are both excellent herbs to provide nutrients and moisture to dry, brittle hair. The lecithin and other nutrients in fenugreek help nurture hair that's been deprived for years. Marshmallow root, being a mucilaginous herb, provides much needed nutrition and hydration. Combining some of the oils mentioned above with these two herbs as a hair mask may greatly benefit those suffering with dry, brittle hair.   Being consistent is very important when it comes to restoring hair. Although some people may see results quickly, most situations may require more patience. Nourishing the body internally and doing scalp massages is also very helpful. That way, the nutrition you saturate your body with can effectively reach the hair follicles. Supplementing with certain nutrients such as rice ceramides, collagen, bamboo extract, biotin, and others may be very helpful in restoring dry, brittle hair over time.

Warm weather, lots of sun, beach sand, and that fresh warm breeze are some of the greatest things about Summer! However, what effects do the summer months have on your hair? The excessive heat and summer activities can be extra drying on your normally radiant, healthy hair.  Protecting your hair from the potential summer damage doesn't have to be a hassle. A little extra care and a summer trim or two are great ways to start. A few additional tips are below to help keep your hair healthy and looking fabulous through the summer months! Use a Leave-In Conditioner  Your hair will avoid absorbing large amounts of pool chemicals, like chlorine or saltwater, from the ocean if your hair is saturated with a leave-in conditioner or even clean water. Rinsing your hair under clean water after a dip in the pool or the ocean is also an excellent way to minimize saltwater and chemical absorption. Let Your Hair Dry Naturally Letting your hair dry naturally during the summer months will be a beneficial way to minimize heat damage, unnatural drying, and split ends. As often as possible, step away from flat irons, blow dryers, curling irons, or other heated styling items. Or, if you wash your hair at night before bed, put it into a ponytail, bun, or braid and leave it overnight. When you take it down in the morning, you'll have a healthy, relaxed, and wavy look to your hair, great for work or a weekend out!  Change Your Shampoo and Conditioner Depending on how frequently you wash your hair in the summer, it may be a good idea to change to a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. If you use many treatments or chemicals in your hair, it is also good to use an anti-residue or clarifying shampoo to help clear away any buildup. Always use a deep-conditioning after.  Use Anti-Frizz Serum or Oil Trims and moisturizing conditioners are fabulous approaches to maintaining healthy hair in the summer months. But every great process can use some assistance. In addition to trims and conditioners, you can enhance your hair's natural shine and smooth split ends and flyaways with a drop or two of an anti-frizz oil or serum. Haircare products with UV filters, such as gels, cream formulas, or sprays, can protect your hair from the sun. Products with UV filters add another line of defense against sun damage and fading of color-processed hair. Wide-brimmed hats are also great if you prefer to spend time outdoors in the hot summer sun. They keep your hair sheltered, protect your ears and scalp, and cover areas that can be prone to skin cancer.  Even with your best efforts, that summer heat and humidity can aggravate even the most well maintained, healthy hair. You can always opt for a simple style on those hot and sweaty or high humidity days, like a ponytail or messy bun. Summer can be a fun and easy-going time of year, even for your hair!   For a hair consultation, contact us today!