Watch out for Fabio this year: Born in the Year of the Dragon, his natural charisma and confidence will be energized for success in this auspicious Lunar New Year. And when it comes to hair trends for 2024, Fabio says this year will channel the return of long, power hair and “accessorized” cuts that enable you to be more adventurous. 

“Hair is power,” says Fabio. “In mythology and in some cultural traditions, long hair connects with energy and the earth. Healthy, long and beautiful. Go big with a lot of hair in the Year of the Dragon, show your power and boldness.”

So if you’re ready to come along for a ride on the winged dragon, read on. 


Hair Trends for 2024 and the Year of the Dragon

image of model with hime haircut
image of scissor haircut
Fabio Scalia and Ulboss Tassan pose together

Bold, transformative cuts, like this hime haircut by Fabio on model Ulboss Tassan (currently crushing it on the NYFW runways). The hime haircut, a work of art crafted by Fabio in his Soho location, is his take on the hime hairstyle: an age-old cut rooted in Japanese royalty and tradition. This is technically a long haircut, but is easily disguised as a short bob. According to Fabio, cuts like this that “accessorize” your hair (or, for example, unique bangs or layers) allow you to maintain your long hair but add a bit of experimental intrigue. 

“The hime cut that I did here is for those who really want versatility,” says Fabio. “It looks like short hair when you pull it back. To create it, you have to find the density that will allow you to have that look – and be very precise. What you see is actually not the sides, it’s the top part.” 

We love how the Year of the Dragon energy in style and mood is encapsulated in Ulboss’ Miu Miu shoot wearing red: The ultimate power color + this fire cut = energy for Lunar New Year success.

Shades of red. Embrace red for power, luck and fortune in the Year of the Dragon. Women who can rock red hair project style, power and confidence – all key drivers for success in this lunar year. If you’re in Tribeca, Soho, Brooklyn

model wearing hime haircut wearing Miu Miu against a red backdrop

Heights or Downtown Brooklyn, we have colorists ready to help perfect your current red shade, or inspire a dramatic color transformation. Here, shades of copper by Master Colorist Mirko Vergani (from left to right: dimensional, peachy blond, and strawberry blond), and a dramatic rockstar transformation by Colorist Rocco Crisci of our Brooklyn Heights location. 

model with dimensional copper hair color
model with peachy blond copper hair color
model with Strawberry blond copper hair color

Other trending hairstyles are variations on the Wolf Cut. Some are calling it the “Kitty Cut,” this layered look has a little more polish but still the cool, wild energy of the Wolf Cut. Fabio’s Wolf Cut, shown here, is another way to accessorize your look without layers. It’s also a scissor cut – as are all haircuts at Fabio Scalia Salons. “We only use straight blade scissors, never razors,” explains Fabio. “We believe the integrity of the hair needs to be intact. Scissor cuts allow us to create texture but manage where and how.”


model sporting a variation of a shaggy wolf cut
back of the head showcasing a shaggy wolf cut

Happy Lunar New Year from all of us at Fabio Scalia! We look forward to seeing you in the salon in the Year of the Dragon. 

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