Aries hair

Hey, Aries. Time to meet your hair goals head on.

Our hair-centric Zodiac series continues, and now we’re back to the beginning with Aries, the Ram. That’s because the first day of spring, the vernal equinox, represents the “first point of Aries” and, hence, the first sign of the Zodiac. New start, new hair. And we’re going in full force for Aries the Ram.


Master Colorist Mirko Vergani, of Fabio Scalia’s Soho salon, notes that during fashion weeks’ autumn/winter 2023/2024 shows, “we saw an explosion of red hair.” Since red, as a color, signals the passion, intensity, vitality and enthusiasm that rules those born under the sign of Aries. 

Red hair can look good on all women, says Mirko, but “it is essential to choose the right shade based on your facial skin undertone and the natural color of your hair.”

Aries fiery red hair

Natural red hair (Irish red) usually harmonizes with those who have green or light blue eyes, and very fair skin with cool pink undertones and freckles.

Dark mahogany red hair is the perfect red for anyone with jewel, blue or green eyes. It flatters fair-skinned girls and dark-skinned, ebony women alike, but always with cool or neutral undertones. It is a color without age limits!

Intense coppery red is a color for those who want to stand out. This red greatly enhances both light and dark eyes, and suits those with fair skin and warm undertones.


New beginnings often start with a bold, transformative cut or color; Aries is ruled by Mars, so consider a dynamic makeover. This works to transform not just your physical appearance, but your mental state as well—providing self-confidence and drive. Here, junior stylist Teresa Steed is rocking an Aries-inspired purple amethyst color created by Master Colorist Mirko Vergani.

aries hair transformation


Aries are in charge, straightforward and want to get down to business. And at Fabio Scalia Salons, we believe that high-powered looks suitable for the office can still be modern and sexy. Consider a bold bob, like this stunning look (cut by Fabio Scalia, color by Rocco Crisci). 

aries haircut


Because Aries don’t want to mess around and are typically impatient, our colorists (who provide some of the best balayage in NYC) recommend this technique for Aries. Balayage is a low-maintenance color that doesn’t require touch-ups as often and, in fact, you can get away with a balayage once or twice a year.


See something that lights your fire? Our stylists and colorists are ready to spark inspiration for your next spring cut or color – book here or call the salon (212-343-0523, Soho; or 718-855-577, Brooklyn) for your next appointment. New beginnings await!

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