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If you’ve ever wished that you could ask a hairstylist whatever you’d like to know, and have your response posted online, your wish is granted. Today, we’re discussing the benefits and potential drawbacks of “double shampooing,” with Samantha Gradilone of our Brooklyn location. 

What is “double shampooing?” 

It’s just that – washing with shampoo and rinsing twice in one session as opposed to just once. 

What are the potential benefits and drawbacks of double shampooing? 

The main benefit is to cleanse the scalp to get rid of the buildup and bacteria. Drawbacks: If you shampoo every day and you are double-shampooing every time, you will overwash the hair and it will become staitc-y and dry. 

double shampoo
double shampooing

How often should I double shampoo, and is there a preferred method? 

You should double shampoo if you are washing every 2-3 days. The best way to wash your hair is to put shampoo in one hand, then distribute it from the nape of neck to the top of the crown from the temples, emulsifying throughout. This way you’re getting each part of the head clean, and not just the top.

How does double shampooing impact different hair types? 

When oily, it’s good to double shampoo because there is a lot of buildup and oil. When dry, it depends –  if you’re trying to make your hair softer, it can be beneficial for that. For curly hair, you have to use a lot of product because you have to tame your curls. Those with color treated hair should wash every 2-3 days and, if double shampooing, be sure to use sulfate-free or with a less harsh sulfate. 


What are the best types of shampoos for double shampooing? 

Using a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner is best. Avoid anything with harsh sulfates. For example, Oribe uses a rice sulfate, it’s the lightest one you can use. So, also be mindful of the type of sulfate you are using if you don’t use a sulfate-free shampoo.

What about conditioner following a double shampoo? 

Use a very hydrating conditioner, depending on hair type and texture. Conditioners can be hydrating but lighter or heavier. If you have finer hair, use a lighter one, etc. Condition from mid length to ends only, so your scalp will stay nice and cleansed.  

Is double shampooing beneficial for the scalp? 

It’s good to exfoliate the scalp when you have those types of issues, so the hair follicle can breathe. if it doesn’t breathe, the hair follicle can die and fall out. 

Anything else I need to know? 

Yes! You should always be properly shampooing your hair using the distribution method as explained above – which is putting the shampoo in one hand and distributing it to all parts of the head and emulsifying. Even if it doesn’t suds up at first, you have to do a full shampoo throughout the whole scalp and then do a second shampoo, which should suds up. Shampoo it the same exact way as you did the first time, then completely rinse out making sure there are no bubbles left. Then apply conditioner mid length to ends and fully rinse out. 


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