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Beyond your visits to the salon, we’re here to help inspire your daily life through the confidence that beautiful hair brings. In the spirit of the season, as we’re all jumping from one party to the next, here is a quick “Office to Party Hair” look that you can achieve in less than five minutes. 

First, gather your hair toolkit: You’ll need small elastic bands, a brush like La Chiara, a travel-size hairspray (we prefer Oribe Superfine) and a handful of pins.

toolkit for the hair look

How-to: Glamorous Updo

Watch and learn from Teresa Steed, of our Soho location! First, Teresa had the model flip her head over and then she brushed all the hair up into a high ponytail using La Chiara brush – which is ideal for this, since the boar bristle combined with the nylon really grips the hair underneath and grabs all the hair (which helps avoid any stray, loose hairs). After securing the ponytail with a rubber band, she pulled out two side pieces to be left in the front. 

To make the bun, she divided the ponytail into two sections, making it easier to manage the hair and customize it the way she wanted. Note: if you have fine hair, you wouldn’t section, but could braid or tease to make it look like there is more hair. For this model, Teresa wrapped the hair around and anchored it with pins as she twisted around. Once she had the shape that she wanted, she secured it with final pins. 

To finish the look, assess your side pieces; if you pulled out more than you wanted initially, you can pin the excess back into the bun. For the pieces that you’ve left out to frame your face, and curl them if needed. 

Have a question about how to create your own look? Ask in the comments (or a DM) and we’ll get back to you right away. We’d love to see your festive party looks – tag us on Instagram for a chance to be featured. Happy Holidays!

stylist making up-do
twist hair
hair pins for up-do

Book an appointment today and our team of stylists and colorists will help you step into Sagittarius season ready for a transformative cut or color!

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