Everybody can agree that there is nothing more stunning than a beautiful head of shiny, healthy, and voluminous curly hair. With all the different curl patterns, which are essentially the texture and size of your curl–and which  range from a wave (2A) to a tight coil (4C)–everyone’s curls are unique. And that many curly guys and girls have is maintaining the health and shine of their curls. If not taken care of correctly, curls can get frizzy, dull, flat, and/or dry and we are often asked: “How do I transform my curls?!” Our top three tips, here:

curly hair

Color by Mirian Lima
Haircut by Nordia McIntosh

Get Haircuts More Often

It is important for all curly hair types to get a haircut every 8 to 12 weeks. The reason is because the dead ends that produce on the bottom of your hair will pull your curls down, making your curls flat. When it comes to a curly haircut, less is more. Even an eighth of an inch can help your curls spring back to life and be bouncy once again–check out this video to see how these curls snapped back after a cut by Senior Stylist Samantha Gradilone. This goes for men’s haircuts, too–and we love this men’s haircut and style using Kerastase’s Curl Manifesto.

Use Styling Products for Shine and Bounce

Having the right mix of products to help you achieve the look you’re going for is almost like a cheat sheet; a good product can go a long way in your hair journey. We use and recommend Kerastase’s line of products dedicated to curly hair. Take their Gelee Curly Contour Gel-Cream: This curl enhancing and defining cream reduces frizz and softens the hair. It can be applied to damp or dry hair before being styled or after for a refresher. 

Wash Your Hair at Least Once a Week Using the Right Shampoo

Styling products are deemed as a necessity for curly hair, but this can also lead to product build up on the hair. This will add weight to your curls, which will provide a lack of volume. To combat this, use a shampoo that breaks down all the build up without causing any dryness. For more personalized product recommendations, speak to your stylist about your hair goals at your next cut.

These easy tips that can be implemented into your routine to help maintain your curls with little effort. Everyone’s hair is different and it may take couple of trials before obtaining the exact routine best suited for you, but talking with your professional stylist makes the process easier and faster–so you can be on your way to healthy and hydrated hair. 

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