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You may have heard about the two-toned “Gemini Hair” trend recently, but hairstyles and color for those born under the sign of the Twins are not limited to the obvious. While an air sign, Geminis are also grounded individuals – which makes sense, given their intrinsic duality. In fact, with so many passions and interests – combined with their social, up-for-anything nature – Gemini hairstyles are among the most fun and varied of the Zodiac. 

According to JC Canto, a Gemini and colorist in our SoHo location, “Geminis are fun and playful, so their styles will reflect that. They’re also very social and bold.” 

In other words, they’re not afraid to try something new and flaunt their look to the world! 

Bold and Beautiful: Gemini Hair Color 

According to JC, chestnut and golden tones are the best colors for Geminis. Check out her work in these looks, where she created gorgeously grounded colors rich with dimension.

On the flip side, if you’re looking for the on-trend “Gemini Hair, ” these two toned colors are a fun trend that highlights the boldness of a Gemini sign. 

Rocco Crisci, colorist in our Brooklyn Heights salon, said to take into consideration the color of your base when picking your colors for this look. “When doing bold creative colors, the hair needs to be lifted very high, especially for very light colors such as light blue, pink, blush, gray.” 

If considering this look, first look at how dark your natural hair is, and how much bleach it can handle. Certain colors cannot be achieved without lifting high enough – and when you lift you compromise the hair’s integrity. Always consult with your colorist what the best colors would be for your hair type in order to maintain it healthy. For example: Rocco recommends that for darker hair, teals or violets are good options. 


According to JC, balancing structure within a Gemini style is the ideal. Here, a super bouncy ponytail that still has a framework, and below are airy styles from Nordia McIntosh (cut/style) and Mirko Vergani (color), both in our SoHo salon. 

Nordia achieved the blonde, flowing style by blow drying the hair straight with our La Monica hair brush, then used a flat iron for a weightless quality of the final result. “The result is super fluid and fun,” she says. “It’s a great versatile style that can work for

professionals or a night out.” Just don’t forget to use a heat protectant, such as Kerastase Chronologiste Thermique. 

For the second, shorter look, Nordia used the smaller version of the La Sophia hair brush to blow dry the hair. Afterwards, she teased the hair at the ends, just a little bit, with the La Chiara brush. “The teasing gives it that airy feel, with nice volume at the bottom.” She finished with a light medium hold hairspray. 


Supercharge your summer hair with a fierce short hairstyle, which is great for social Geminis and their short attention spans. These cuts are both by Antonio Juarez in our Brooklyn Heights salon, who is gaining notoriety for short hairstyles that are sharp, bold, fun and versatile. 

The first look is a modern bob with versatile textured layers so she can style it up or down – ideal for Geminis! This style is meant for someone who needs additional texture. This client was hesitant to go short initially, but with Antonio’s guidance – and the versatility of the cut – she was thrilled with the result. 

For the male model, this client wanted a modern American men’s style with clean sides. Antonio did an all scissor cut and left length on the top, but also layered in a way where he can style it in a versatile way, meaning: messy, curly or blown out. 

“Short hair is ideal for summer since you don’t have to worry about it,” says Antonio. “You don’t want to spend too much time styling your hair with hot tools and blow dryers; you can just throw some product in it and be on your way.” Antonio recommends those with short hair styles should use texturing products such as sea salt sprays, wax sprays, pomades, hairsprays, refresher sprays, curl creams and serums, 

Get your Gemini on with any of these cuts or colors this summer! Book an appointment today and our team of stylists and colorists will guide you toward 

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