Whether or not you’ve been struck by Cupid’s Bow, hair stylists and colorists love Valentine’s Day. As an opportunity to unveil your more sexy or romantic side, the season of love allows you to get creative with color and updos and/or really let your hair down (or, both!).

Below, several Valentine’s Day ideas that have been curated by the pros at our salons. Of course, February 14 isn’t the only day to try these out: These work for any occasion where you’re looking to express yourself romantically. We *heart* our clients, so if any of these styles or colors catches your eye, we’ll see you in the salon to help create a look you’ll love.



Valentine's Day updo

Fabio says when it comes to Valentine’s Day, creating a romantic updo should be clean, sleek and sophisticated. And, don’t make it too complex or complicated. This topknot was styled by Fabio and is sexy, but leaves a little to the imagination as a half-up, half-down style.

 Pro tip: “I always say if you are having a romantic night, you want to make sure that you use 3-4 pins max,” advised Fabio. “You want to make sure that the updo is easy to undo. A top knot works perfectly.” 


Our colorist Rafael, in the Brooklyn Heights salon location, says the color of passion is always trending. “Red hair is sexy because not everyone can carry it,” he notes. “When I see women that can rock red hair I feel it empowers them, and they carry it with such confidence.” 

Adela, another of our Brooklyn Heights colorists, loves women with red hair because they “are women that are not afraid to stand out. They are unapologetically strong, and that is sexy.” 

It doesn’t get much stronger and sexier than this short red style (styling by Fabio; color by Mirko Vergani on our Soho salon location), or this wavy red with a deep side part (color by Mirko Vergani).

red hair fiery red hair


Voluminous, supermodel blowouts are always a win, as noted by Samantha Gradilone, a senior stylist in our Brooklyn Heights location. “You can never go wrong with a classic side part that accentuates your luscious locks,” she says. “This styling is a loose, effortless and romantic look. It’s polished and casual so it looks like you are trying—but not trying too hard.” 

90s blowoutlove hair


Antonio Juarez, in our Brooklyn Heights location, created these incredibly sexy waves for a shoulder-length bob ready to make heads turn—also thanks to a masterful set of blonde highlights from colorist Giulia (also located in Brooklyn Heights). 

 hair waves

Need more ideas and inspiration for showing your sexier side through a new cut or style Give us a call: The Fabio Scalia Love-Your-Hair Line is always open.