It’s the most fantastical, magical time of the year: Pisces season, where we celebrate Piscean’s duality, mystery and life-of-the-party nature. 

Pisces are such caring empaths that hair colors with warm tones are best, says Artistic Director Fabio Scalia. “Even deep reds like burgundy, or red wine. For brunettes, tones of dark chocolate are beautiful and regal. You rarely will encounter a Pisces with jet black hair.”  

For haircuts, Fabio feels that flowy hairstyles – that represent their water sign nature – resonate best with Pisces. “Keep your tresses long and healthy so you can flaunt mermaid waves,” he says. 

Whether you are a Pisces or just want to rethink your haircut or color, now is the time. Pisceans love to go with the flow and embrace a change of style. So, let’s dive in! 


pisces hair flowy hair mermaid hair

Up or down, long or short, the most classic Piscean look is flowing and other worldly.

Take if from Roberta Welch (above, modeling a dreamy updo and a chocolate brunette created by Giulia Farella), Fabio Scalia Salons’ most stylish Pisces: “As a water sign, I love rocking hairstyles that are wavy and flowy like a mermaid. My personal style is always changing, because Pisces are creative and artistic.” 

Roberta is known for her always-changing and on-point personal style, and another Pisces tip – since they are so attuned to other’s emotions – is that she likes dressing in bright colors that bring up positive emotions and make people happy.” 

wild curls

We are also obsessed with this cut/color by Fabio Scalia and Mirko Vergani, which encaptures Pisces’ wild side and romantic nature.


short bobrockstar hair

Pisces are always ready to party, and can rock shorter hair styles with a bit of edge. They’re ready to change it up at a moment’s notice (check out this long-to-short #hairtransformation, by Antonio Juarez, here!). Here, Pisces duality is in full display with this hot short style that combines elements of bob and pixie. Cut by Fabio Scalia, color by Mirko Vergani, styling by Samantha Gradilone


The Octopus cut is still going strong in 2023 (learn more on our blog, Fabio’s Files!) and as you can see in this platinum blonde shot– it can be edgy and shag-like. 

aquatic hair

Feeling like it’s time for a new style for March? Book now and talk through how a Pisces-inspired cut or color could work for you. Our stylists and colorists are ready to work some magic!