Brooklyn Bridge- The Shrouded Series
Mixed Media: photography, goache, watercolor, ink
One of our favorite parts of collaborating with local artists and showcasing their work in our salon, is that we get to be surrounded by art that was created through all different mediums, depending on how the artist makes and sees art.
S.M Dyer is a NYC artist who paints, draws and takes photographs. “The Shrouded Series” is a collection of images that were printed by the artist onto watercolor paper and then painted. This collection of work was inspired by daily walks that Dyer took over the Brooklyn Bridge, throughout the renovation period that began in 2012. According to the artist:
“As I took daily walks over the bridge , I was taken by it’s beauty; the wind created motion in the tarps and the sun revealed so many layers. I photographed through these layers and what the camera saw was a cacophony of shadow and light, graffiti and paint, architecture and structure. I was there to catch the sun as it cast shadows, and at night, as the lights of the city illuminated the shroud. I would return to the same spot waiting for the sun to create what would become this project”.
After Dyer captured these uniquely beautiful images, she added some of herself to them. She added a layer of paint using gouache and water colors and in some cases, even added graffiti to capture the moment in time.
Our clients love this exhibit because Dyer takes something that many of us see every day and, through her creative vision she transforms it into a work of art.
Exhibit Dates: December 1, 2015- March 14, 2015
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