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We all notice those times when our hair appears to be uncooperative, and slightly difficult to manage. If you have straight hair, you may notice that some strands just seem to stray off from the rest of the hair. Additionally, if you have curly hair, some curls just don’t fit into the rest- that is frizzy hair. Essentially, hair frizz has been debated by a lot of people including hair care professionals. The argument about whether or not frizz is okay for various hair types depends on what is in vogue at the time. The reason is that there are a couple of reasons underlying hair frizz and some of those reasons are no fault of the bearer. Reasons like genetics, health, and damage, and weather conditions all affect hair frizz. However, regardless of what the reason behind the hair frizz may be, everyone just loves it when all of their hair just sits well. And this goes for whether or not your hair is straight or curly. In this blog post, we will be discussing the top five ways to prevent frizzy hair. Keep reading to find out more about frizzy hair and how you can manage yours. What is Frizzy Hair? Frizzy hair is a hair type that contains strands that appear not to align with the others. Essentially, the frizz is created by strands of hair that either stands up or curls separately and creates some irregular texture. As a result, some people naturally have frizzy hair while others do not. However, the best approach to managing frizzy hair is to identify the cause of the hair frizz. Below are a few causes of frizzy hair.  Causes of Frizz Hair damage Hair breakage and split ends are the first liners when it comes to hair damage. Also, hair damage is one of the fundamental causes of hair frizz. Essentially, several factors can damage hair. Things like, using harsh chemicals, excessive heating agents, and rough brushing can all cause damage to the hair. Therefore, every hair requires mild handling and care with product selection to avoid hair breakage and split ends. Humid and dry weather conditions Quite many people have no idea that the weather condition per season significantly affects hair health and maintenance. As a result, the hair is more likely to frizz during humid and dry weather conditions. The reason is that heat is one of the primary causes of frizzy hair due to excessive opening up of the hair follicles and consequent boiling of the hair proteins. All of which causes moisture to go up the hair shaft and cause it to swell and split up leading to hair frizz.  Top 5 ways to prevent frizzy hair Preventing frizzy hair is not as complicated as most people think. The reason is that knowledge of what can cause your hair to frizz can help you with better hair care and frizz management techniques. If you wonder how to prevent frizzy hair; here are our top five ways. Be particular and intentional about your choice of hair care products. Minimize exposing your hair to heat, especially excessive heat from styling Take care of your nutritional needs and always stay well hydrated Incorporate a good quality hair conditioner or mask in your hair care routine Invest in a good quality frizz protectant if you reside in a humid climate, like Kerastase.   Even though frizz can seem like such a pain to deal with, it is not the worst of hair issues because it is pretty easy to manage. Always be gentle with your hair and watch it appreciate you in return. For a consultation on your hair or products, contact us today.     

What Summer Hairstyle should I wear with Long Hair?  Choosing a suitable and comfortable hairstyle for the summer can be a piece of work, especially with the summer heat. However, summer is also a season to play with, and try out a couple of flirty hairstyles for the season. The summer heat can sometimes make it difficult to style long hair. As a result, people want hairstyles that flatter their looks for the sunshine season while keeping the heat-associated discomfort resulting from long hair away from their necks and faces.  The summer should not be a hindrance to rocking your long hair. Therefore this article will discuss a couple of trendy long hairstyles that are easy to wear. Read on to learn more about them? 5 Easy Long Hairstyles for the summer   1. Use Buns to hold long hair Buns always seem to be the perfect go-to for most women during summer. Especially if you lead a pretty busy life; perhaps you are a student or a working-class mother, buns are a great way to style your long hair and still look your best. You could style your hair in a messy bun, a high bun, or a braided bun. It is the perfect style for a summer evening to pair with your favorite red lipstick and earrings for a more flattering look. 2. Have your long hair in Ponytails Ponytails are excellent for getting any strands of hair away from your face. Especially if you are trying to keep your cool during those sweaty moments, it is the perfect long hairstyle for athletes and people engaged in activities requiring an intense range of motion. But if you are going for a slightly serious look without risking your style, ponytails can do the trick. 3. Make long hair into Pigtails If you are a mum and wondering about the perfect long hairstyle for your daughters, you might want to opt for the pigtails. They are easy to do at home, and if you are aiming for a more elaborate styling, you can add some hair fancies for children. Pigtails are also nice on adults for that childlike innocence on a regular day. 4. Milkmaid braids for long hair  Milkmaid braids combine a certain homely yet easy going feel to make the wearer maintain some romantic innocence. They are your perfect go-to for that je ne sais quoi during an evening stroll or a casual hangout. And they are quite long-lasting, so you don’t have to style your hair every single day. 5. Style in Beach waves If you are not overly bothered about letting down your hair, then a beach wave is perfect as a long hairstyle, especially during the late evenings or sunset. Beach waves provide a certain degree of fullness to your facial frame and add a little bit of volume to your hair.   There are a ton more long hairstyles fitting for the summer, feel free to explore with your hair or a friends. You can always get creative with your hair or consult your favorite hairstylist if you seem unsure of what to do.  

Quality Hair Products When it comes to summer hair, quality hair products are so important. The sun can effect you hair color and sometimes summer activities create a challenge for your otherwise healthy locks. If you shop a few effective hair products, you might find that it could be worth it to invest in your summer hair care. The best summer hair care products might contain a sunscreen to protect your hair from the sun. Other hair care products might have extra moisturizers so as to keep your locks healthy, no matter the potential for damage. Investing in quality hair products is so important for your hair care routine. Your attention to higher end hair products will leave you feeling confident about your purchase. Make sure to do a little research and ask your stylist before you buy so as to make smart investments to protect your hair.  Rinse Your Hair After the Pool After a sunning at the pool, your hair might have collected debris from the pool at the root of the hair follicle. Small bugs, leaves or insects are always present in water. Even the cleanest pools have microscopic particles that get into your hair when you swim. It might be a good idea to run a moisturizing conditioner to help protect your hair before you go out into the sun.  Before you get into the pool, you could use the opportunity for a deep conditioning treatment. Simply coat your strands with any moisturizer, oil or deep conditioning treatment and gather your hair into a swim cap. With the heat from the sun, the product will warm and your hair will benefit from your time in the sun as opposed to being subject to damage. When you rinse your hair after the pool, you will notice that your hair strands are especially soft and extra conditioned.  Another idea for hair care at the pool is to rinse the chlorine out as soon as possible. Leaving pool chemicals in your hair without rinsing them can cause dryness and damage while you are under the sun. Once you are done swimming, remember to take time to rinse your hair with water. A water hose is often available in a backyard pool gathering. Alternatively, you might simply ask your host of you can rinse out in the bathtub. While it may be a little uncomfortable to ask such a thing as a guest, your hair will be better in the long run.  Taking Care of Your Hair Summer hair care is a great investment. If you don't want to take the entire bottle of product with you, you might remember to bring a little bit of leave-in conditioner in a travel size bottle. Making sure to remember quality hair care when you pack for your pool party time is so very important. The next time you think about a pool party, remember to include mindful hair care as part of your get ready routine! 

Warm weather, lots of sun, beach sand, and that fresh warm breeze are some of the greatest things about Summer! However, what effects do the summer months have on your hair? The excessive heat and summer activities can be extra drying on your normally radiant, healthy hair.  Protecting your hair from the potential summer damage doesn't have to be a hassle. A little extra care and a summer trim or two are great ways to start. A few additional tips are below to help keep your hair healthy and looking fabulous through the summer months! Use a Leave-In Conditioner  Your hair will avoid absorbing large amounts of pool chemicals, like chlorine or saltwater, from the ocean if your hair is saturated with a leave-in conditioner or even clean water. Rinsing your hair under clean water after a dip in the pool or the ocean is also an excellent way to minimize saltwater and chemical absorption. Let Your Hair Dry Naturally Letting your hair dry naturally during the summer months will be a beneficial way to minimize heat damage, unnatural drying, and split ends. As often as possible, step away from flat irons, blow dryers, curling irons, or other heated styling items. Or, if you wash your hair at night before bed, put it into a ponytail, bun, or braid and leave it overnight. When you take it down in the morning, you'll have a healthy, relaxed, and wavy look to your hair, great for work or a weekend out!  Change Your Shampoo and Conditioner Depending on how frequently you wash your hair in the summer, it may be a good idea to change to a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. If you use many treatments or chemicals in your hair, it is also good to use an anti-residue or clarifying shampoo to help clear away any buildup. Always use a deep-conditioning after.  Use Anti-Frizz Serum or Oil Trims and moisturizing conditioners are fabulous approaches to maintaining healthy hair in the summer months. But every great process can use some assistance. In addition to trims and conditioners, you can enhance your hair's natural shine and smooth split ends and flyaways with a drop or two of an anti-frizz oil or serum. Haircare products with UV filters, such as gels, cream formulas, or sprays, can protect your hair from the sun. Products with UV filters add another line of defense against sun damage and fading of color-processed hair. Wide-brimmed hats are also great if you prefer to spend time outdoors in the hot summer sun. They keep your hair sheltered, protect your ears and scalp, and cover areas that can be prone to skin cancer.  Even with your best efforts, that summer heat and humidity can aggravate even the most well maintained, healthy hair. You can always opt for a simple style on those hot and sweaty or high humidity days, like a ponytail or messy bun. Summer can be a fun and easy-going time of year, even for your hair!   For a hair consultation, contact us today!

Does your rinsing routine make a difference on your hair’s condition? Spoiler alert: it does! Truth is, rinsing your hair correctly can save your strands a lot of damage. In this week’s blog post, Fabio Scalia explains the importance of having a great routine. Fabio, why is rinsing your hair after a swim in the water so important? – Most people know that the sun is very damaging for the hair but fewer people know that chlorine and saltwater can be even worse. Saltwater and chlorine work as dehydrating agents and in combination with the sun, it can cause some serious damage to your hair. So if you can rinse it out immediately after you take a swim, it will make a significant difference on the health of your hair. Also, your color is more likely to last longer. In what ways does it affect your hair color? – Most people are aware that when salt is on your body, it tends to tan faster. Same goes with hair and saltwater. Therefore, it’s important to rinse your strands after a dip in the ocean if you want to maintain the color, shine and health of your hair. What else can be done to maintain the hair color? – If you want your hair color to last longer, I suggest you end every shower with a cold water rinse. Besides from being a very effective wake-up call, it’s a great way to give your mane that extra boost. It’s beneficial for your scalp as it improves blood circulation and it will make your hair shinier. Any final tips or tricks? – A beach trip is a perfect opportunity to apply product to the hair to give it that extra boost it needs during summer. So ideally, you would rinse your hair after a swim, apply deep conditioning product and let it sit throughout the day for best possible results. Schedule your consultation with us today in Soho Schedule your consultation with us today in Brooklyn Heights Fabio Scalia is an upscale hair salon in SoHo and Brooklyn Heights, New York. We offer services such as haircuts, styling, balayage, coloring and extensions.