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It’s Taurus season – the most beautiful time of the year. Because Taureans are attracted to life’s finer things, it’s no surprise we have six of them at the salons…including Fabio himself! Like a true Taurus, Fabio built his business here through perseverance, creativity and an eye for Italian quality and style. These Taurean traits translate into a salon culture and atmosphere focused on a premium level of service, and the most beautiful final results. 

Now, the looks.


We started with our Taurus colorists and asked them: what are the sexiest, most sensual colors for blonds, brunettes and redheads? 

Honey blonde: Colorist Rafael Nieves, in our Brooklyn salon, says those born in the sign of Taurus should go for a sexy honey blonde tone. Taureans gravitate toward classic, authentic looks – which is why he opts for a Balayage hand painted technique for dimension and a natural blend. 

A brunette with a “little somethin somethin”: Soho Color Director Lucio Galano says sensual Taurus color should be natural and earthy. Like these stunning brunettes, it shouldn’t stray far from a genuine hue. “Taurus hair should be decisive and grounded in style,” he says.


A salon experience worthy of a Taurus means indulging in the most luxurious styling products and treatments. And of course, a new hair brush from FS Collezione

Fabio recommends La Sophia, a classic and reliable brush for a smooth blowout and enhanced natural shine. We also love La Mora, which features a luxurious blend of pure boar bristle and nylon, or La Chiara to protect your extensions investment.

mora chiara hair brush

For high-end shine enhancement, the team recommends Soin Acide Chroma Gloss by Kerastase. This professional product brings salon-quality luxury to your at-home routine, provides brilliant shine and promises smoother, stronger hair. 


long hair

Perseverance, and doing things the right way even if it takes longer, is a Taurus trait. Case in point: achieving healthy, voluminous long hair is not a quick fix.

“Letting your hair grow out requires perseverance,” says Soho Stylist Rene Villalta. “Clients looking to go back to long lengths, after a short hair period, need to understand that it takes time and patience.”


Haircuts for Taureans or the Taurus inspired should be either reliable and down-to-earth, or indulgent and classically beautiful. Here, we’re loving a Pixie or Bixie haircut, or versatile long layers. Both works of art shown here are cut by Fabio, color by Mirko Vergani (master colorist in our Soho salon).

bixie haircut
butterfly haircut


Thinking of rocking one of these Taurus-inspired cuts or colors? Book an appointment now and take ownership of these classic looks this May! 

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