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If you’ve visited our salons lately, you’ve probably noticed that our new line of FS Collezione luxury hair brushes are now available for purchase. Since protecting the integrity of our clients’ hair is the core of our philosophy, these brushes now enable you to maintain your healthy hair at home. This is big news, because if you know Fabio, you know that he takes his brushes very seriously. He has been designing the FS Collezione line for years, and we are so excited to introduce you to La Sophia, La Monica, La Claudia, La Chiara, La Bionda and La Mora.

Made in Italy, and designed by Fabio Scalia, the full FS Collezione line of brushes has options for all types of hair and use. 

“These luxury hair brushes are professional quality and designed specifically for certain types of hair and usage,” says Fabio. “Hair brushes are like shoes. You need a certain one for what you are doing/need it for.”

How to Choose the Right Brush 

With each of our FS Collezione hair brushes designed for a specific use and hair type, investing in the right one is crucial when it comes to maintaining beautiful locks and – most importantly – healthy hair. Descriptions of all the brushes are below, but the next time you’re in the salon, ask our staff which is right for you (and, they’ll likely be using it on your hair during your service).

La Sophia hair brush

La Sophia – for any hair thickness, type and length. With reinforced boar bristles of different heights – for an optimal grip from the root – La Sophia comes in three sizes depending on hair length. Also, because the bristles have a scattered pattern, La Sophia is a good choice for fine hair since it doesn’t create tension or pull on the hair. Retail: $60-$70.

La Monica hair brush round<br />

La Monica – for thick hair that is curly or wavy. Crafted from ash wood, and featuring a hidden retractable sectioning pick and a triangular designed handle, La Monica is a classic brush with an edge. Also available in three sizes to accommodate short, medium or long hair. Retail: $60-$75.

La bionda hair brush<br />

La Bionda – for fine hair that is wavy or straight. Specifically designed for low-impact brushing on fine hair that is short to medium length, La Bionda is made of tumbled beechwood. But what stands out are its high-strength professional nylon bristles with acrylic tips, which flow through hair gently and smoothly. Comes in two sizes, and also features a hidden retractable sectioning pick. Retail: $60-$70.

La mora hair brush

La Mora – for fine to medium hair that is medium to long in length, and wavy or straight. An ideal brush for men or women looking for an elegant brush that lets its personality shine. Style meets function with La Mora, as it is crafted from walnut of varying shades and features a combination of pure boar bristle and nylon. Retail: $80-$85.

La Claudia paddle brush<br />

La Claudia – for any hair texture or thickness. La Claudia paddle brush is perfect for everyday use, and detangling. This fabulous brush works wonders on all types of hair since it distributes oil, creates volume, and gently massages (and, slightly exfoliates) your scalp. If you have medium to fine hair, you’ll find La Chiara particularly attractive, since it has the ability to remove static. Retail: $75.

La Chiara hair brush

La Chiara – for use with any hair texture, but only for use with extensions. Extensions are an investment; protect them with La Chiara, which has a unique placement and proportion of pure boar bristle and white nylon monofilament designed specifically for a gentle extensions brushing. Crafted with hornbeam wood. Retail: $85.

Happy brushing! For any questions about our brushes, please consult with your stylist. FS Collezione hair brushes are available exclusively in-salon, but will be available online at FabioScalia.com later this year.

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