During the rainy spring season, a lot of our clients wonder: How should I wear my hair on a rainy day? Fortunately for your hair, when you have questions, Fabio has all the answers here in our healthy hair blog. We’re here to empower you to achieve the confidence of a great hair day, rain or shine. 

How should I wear my hair on a rainy day? 

“The biggest problem with rain is humidity,” says Fabio. “Once the humidity gets to the hair, frizz becomes inevitable. I always suggest that instead of just focusing on the hairstyle, prioritize how you prep the hair before going outside— the products you use are the most important step.” 

Anti Humidity spray is a must, Fabio recommends Oribe Impermeable Anti-Humidity Hair Spray, or Kerastase’s VIP Hairspray. For clients with coarse thick hair, he says to “make sure you put on the highest level leave-in conditioner on rainy days. And I always recommend to all my clients with textured hair, to have at home different levels of product for their hair and on rainy days always use the heavier product! It will help tremendously against frizz agents.”  

For more hair inspiration on a rainy day and how-tos, see below as we have four styles to choose from!

Slicked Back Pony 

To get the low ponytail look, Samantha Gradilone – stylist in our Brooklyn salon – says that you will need to use products such as Oribe’s Gel Serum or Creme for Style. The consistency of the product, or how much you use, depends on the hair but you won’t need more than the size of a quarter. 

Here’s how to get the look: 

  1. Apply Creme for Style or Supershine Moisturizing Cream (both by Oribe) on dry hair (this will give it the slicked-back final look). 
  2. Then, use a boar bristle flat brush, such as La Chiara, to brush back.
  3. Decide on where to part the hair, then make a part and brush hair, making sure there are no tangles. Hold the hair together with your hands and then secure with an elastic. 
  4. Apply hairspray to set. Voilà

The key is in the brushing, says Samantha, since the brush is what will give you the smooth finish. The reason this hairdo is ideal for rainy days is because the hair is out of the way and you don’t have to worry about frizz. Additionally, when your hair is in a ponytail you can go longer without washing it. 

Half-Up, Half-Down 

To style a half-up, half-down, first grab either a clip or an elastic, says Samantha. Then, gather front pieces of hair but leave out the whole back. Loosely pull back the front pieces, secure them with either the clip or elastic, then pull out some of the hair framing pieces along the hairline.  


For those who simply don’t have time to concoct such an extreme style, you can simply put your hair up in any type of bun. Fabio’s recommendation is to use accessories – such as a chic headband, or by wrapping a beautiful scarf on your head – to your advantage. “The idea is that the headband or scarf covers the perimeter around the face and back of the neck,” he explains. “The outline around the face and neck is the area most prone to frizz when exposed. If you keep your hair compact there, you’ll have  less chance for humidity to penetrate.” 

Another great style I personally like is the double bun— top knot / low bun. This look creates better dimension and distribution of volume.


Braids are a rainy day’s best friend. Having your hair beautifully twisted up in a braid means keeping flyaways and frizz in check. Braids can be done at home with some practice, and we have some tips below. But if you’re a beginner with a busy day ahead – and it’s raining but you need to look put together – book a styling appointment and our team can craft a braid look that’s ready to tackle even the rainiest day with style. 

Expert tip: Samantha says that it’s easier to braid wet hair because it eliminates flyaways, and because your hair will also take the shape of the braid. “So when you take it out it’ll be wavy,” she says. “Or if you want something loose and fun let your hair dry naturally, loosely braid it and spray some texturizing spray at the root. Pull out some pieces to make it bigger and more loose. This is a more romantic braid aesthetic look.” 

Wet Look

Gaining popularity following looks from this past Fashion Week season, the wet look is an on-trend way to stay chic even in the rain. It takes a little bit of prep, but the payoff is worth it 

Hairstyles for Rainy Days Braids

since – if your hair is wet with a gel mixture – it isn’t susceptible to frizz. Fabio was featured in this PureWow story about the look. Read on to see how you can achieve it at home (hint: you’ll need some gel or oil, Vaseline, and a color painting brush). 

Looking forward to seeing you in the salon this rainy season. Click here to book now – we’ll have you looking forward to rainy days when it comes to your hair! 

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