Suran Song – Sidewalk Video Mandalastransmit 

Saturday, December 13th, 5:30-8:30 p.m

Location: In front of the salon at 155 Montague Street, Brooklyn, NY.

Suran Song is a local artist whose work has been adorning our walls for the past month. (For those of you who do not know, we use our salon as an art space with rotating exhibitions to showcase the work of local NYC artists). Suran’s current show is called “Flower Shower” and her work is heavily influenced by her passion for yoga and her study of Sanskrit. She chooses colors that are often used in yogic therapy and are believed to promote healing and soothing vibrations. Our clients have had an overwhelmingly positive response to her work and we love being surrounded by the positive vibes all day long.

On December 6th, in front of the salon, Suran will showcase the portable sidewalk video projection that accompanies her Flower Shower exhibit. It is a projection of her beautiful pieces onto the sidewalk. So, stop by to see, or become part of, Suran’s unique style of art. Check out this Youtube video to get an idea of what you will be seeing next month at this event on Montague Street!


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