Rocco Crisci

Look no further than Rocco Crisci, colorist in our Brooklyn Heights salon, for the ultimate inspiration for the best hairstyles for Virgo: Born under this earth sign himself, Rocco is the epitome of Virgo perfection in his personal style and in the care he bestows upon his color clients. However, for Virgos or anyone who appreciates the highest echelon in technique and hair artistry, the team at our salons have been meticulously trained. That means perfect results for your cut, style or color, thanks to Fabio’s focus on an elevated attention to detail.

fabio scalia hair salon
fabio scalia hair salon
fabio scalia hair salon


Wondering what kind of hair color Virgos have? Mostly, they’re looking for practical color that doesn’t leave any margin of error for unsightly upkeep. That’s why Rocco recommends more natural, realistic hair colors and organic looks. “Every woman has her own beauty with her natural color,” he says. “I’m inspired by babies’ hair; it usually has baby highlights. And I like to accentuate clients’ natural color respecting the texture of the hair.”

Rocco loves to create low-maintenance looks for Virgos. His vision of beauty tends towards natural looks, with an attention to good texture as the key to healthy, shiny hair. The Virgo client is very meticulous, he notes, and will pay close attention to the final results but all the details during the process. They want to know what type of color you are using, what technique, and which tools.

Also, so you’re never caught with even one strand of root growth showing, don’t forget to pick up a can of Oribe’s Airbrush Root Touch-Up Spray the next time you’re in the salon!


The appeal of a flawless blowout or the captivating beauty of “liquid hair” are the hairstyles of every perfectionist Virgo’s dreams. Above (both starring Dani Watanabe), Fabio and Teresa Steed teamed up for this stunning cut and blowout combo, and Fabio takes a deep dive into “liquid hair,” which starts with a meticulous cut and blowdry. Looking to try either? We have stylists in our Brooklyn and Soho locations who specialize in both.


Virgos love to solve problems, and one that many of us are experiencing right now is summer hair damage from heat, UV rays and salt water/chlorine. Fear not: our stylists and colorists at the salons are here to save the day through a detailed four-step hair repair treatment from Milbon.

Whether you’re a Virgo – or just looking for a new cut/color inspired by their earthy and practical nature – our stylists are ready to set you up with the perfect cut/color for the season. Book an appointment today!

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