Wondering how to care for your dry hair? Seasonal hair problems are real and, right now, clients are asking Fabio and our team about how to prevent dry, dull and brittle hair in winter. Take a seat: our expert stylists are answering all the Qs about how to protect your hair and replenish hydration in these colder months. 

As Fabio notes, winter and colder weather is very harsh on the hair. This is mostly because – since the air lacks moisture – the hair doesn’t absorb or retain it, making it brittle and frizzy.

“Think of hair as a log.” says Fabio. “When a log is split, it looks white. Same with hair: If the cuticle, which is the outside part of the hair, is opened, you can see the hair’s cortex. And once it’s open, it gives access to free radicals to enter — and that will affect the hair’s strength and flexibility.” 

In addition, notes Fabio, during winter months you’re going out less, and as a consequence you’re not wearing your hair down as much. So you’re simply thinking about it less, which often translates to less overall care. Don’t fall into the trap! In fact, winter is the perfect time to embrace TLC for your hair. We like to think about it as another #hairgoal: come out of hibernation with your hair looking healthier than it did last fall! 

What is the single most important thing I can do to maintain healthy hair in winter? 

This a crucial step for winter hair health but it’s also the easiest: brush your hair everyday. Using a good boar bristle brush like (of course) La Sophia, La Monica or La Mora every day distributes the natural oils in your scalp down the hair shaft. This prevents hair from becoming dry or brittle. Hair health starts at the scalp, so take a minute for self care and enjoy the feeling of brushing your hair thoroughly from root to ends.

Are in-salon treatments worth it? 

Yes, but you can (and should) balance your at-home care and in-salon routines. We recommend  in-salon treatments with hydration benefits, such as Fusio Dose. This is a treatment that your hairstylist can customize specifically to address your hair needs. 

In terms of at-home rituals, Fabio recommends the Nutritive Line by Kerastase. This is a nourishing ritual for dry hair that is packed with skincare-inspired ingredients to restore dry, depleted hair. It is designed for intense hydration and will leave your hair irresistibly soft and shiny. You can also ask your stylist which masks or deep conditioners are right for you.

woman brushing her hair using boar bristle brush
hair brush and hair oil

Any tips when shampooing or washing? 

Again, it’s simple: avoid washing hair too often and opt for cold or lukewarm water instead of hot-hot water. Cold water when rinsing will help seal the cuticle. Use a nourishing shampoo, and follow up with a scalp serum. 

How about split ends? 

For split ends, cover them with a nutritive oil designed for split ends. This will coat the hair and seal it so no free radicals can get in and oxidize. But again, simplicity is key in terms of prevention. You can prevent split ends easily by getting haircuts on the reg (every six weeks, or every four weeks if you have fine hair).

hair cold rinse
scalp serum product
woman with long healthy hair
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