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Those born under this sign are known for being highly intuitive, so we’re kicking off this month’s Zodiac Series by talking about our stylists’ and colorists’ intuition behind the chair. 

“It is like developing a sixth sense,” says Fabio Scalia. “It’s about sensing what they’re trying to express, even when they’re not saying it directly, and also being attuned to how they want to reveal or conceal their look. It’s about finding that delicate balance and understanding the client’s comfort zone.” 

For example: Sometimes, you just know what clients want and need, but are afraid to ask because they’re not quite ready. In those moments, it’s an intuitive connection behind the chair is crucial, as is knowing when to hold back, or when to take a leap. Our stylists and colorists know how to sense what the client is trying to express, even if they’re not saying it directly.

Understanding a client’s personality, their current state of mind, their profession, and who they aspire to be in society is paramount. It’s a collaboration between their unique features and the right hair flow. The goal is to achieve the best look possible. 

“When you have that level of knowledge and confidence,” says Fabio, “it truly reflects in how people feel about themselves.”

Influenced by the moon 

Cancers are known to be moody, and what better way to showcase this than with some dreamy waves. These were done on a model looking for a simple color refresher. Her color was growing out nicely, so Lucio Galano (known for doing some of the best balayage in SoHo), opted for a quick Face Frame Highlights service using a Balayage painted technique. Face Frame Highlights, which brighten the face area, are a great highlight-refreshing option in between full services.

Nordia McIntosh, stylist in our SoHo salon, did the summer hair styling for this look with two styles. Gorgeous! 

  1. Braids – great for festivals and outdoor events
  2. Wavy styling – a very natural wave – once the braids are taken out 

zodiac series

Also, we can’t talk about lunar-influenced styles without a shout out to this wolf cut by Antonio Juarez in our Brooklyn Heights salon. This is a hybrid between a long shag and a wolf cut, and to achieve the look he texturized the hair and opened up the face via face framing. 

Creative yet reserved 

Teresa Steed, who has been Fabio’s assistant for the last two years and who recently completed her training at Toni & Guy Academy in London, shows us how it’s done with this playful yet versatile look. We love how it is understated with a creative edge, thanks to the top French braid. Can you spot the brush she’s using? It’s La Sophia from FS Collezione!


Fabio loves this style since it embodies both sexiness and approachability – falling effortlessly into place, like a tassel. This creates a versatile look that is not overly aggressive but simple and carefree. That kind of effortless elegance, he notes, is what truly defines sexy. “It transcends any specific shape, form, or texture; it’s about capturing that overall vibe.”

“To me, what makes someone sexy is the way their hairstyle exudes sex appeal to stimulate and attract others,” he continues. “It’s about striking the perfect balance and proportion, while maintaining a sense of healthiness and freedom.”

Nostalgic styles

Perms, undercuts, skinny fringes…whatever your nostalgic hair pleasure, Cancers relish the memory of a throwback. Here, an undercut by Samantha Gradilone (with color by Rocco Crisci), and a rockstar skinny fringe with cut and styling also by Samantha. And, hot off the press: A loose wave perm by Rafael Nieves. All three stylists/colorists who created these looks are in our Brooklyn Heights salon.

Feeling like a new look inspired by Cancer? Let our team of intuitive stylists and colorists be your guide. We look forward to seeing you in the salon! 

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