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March 2021

Now, more than ever, millions are working at home and learning how to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic shutting down their business. As well as for safety purposes, many people are conducting online meetings utilizing Zoom - and it has been quite the change! This past year has taught us how to work and live life in a completely virtual world. So, what exactly does all of this have to do with beauty and the way you look? Everything! Despite the fact that you aren’t in your office, you should still be striving to look your absolute best during your Zoom video calls - everyone can see you! So, how exactly do you master the Zoom video call? There are many factors that take place when it comes to looking your best, lighting, facial framing, and so much more. At Fabio Scalia Salons we take your beauty very seriously and our #1 priority is making sure you look your best all while being in a comfortable and clean environment. Contact us today for more information about our beauty packages. Let’s learn a little bit more about how to absolutely rock your Zoom video calls from now on! Lighting Really Is Everything When It Comes To Zoom Video Calls Whether it’s natural lighting or lighting produced from something like a ring light, it’s absolutely necessary to use lighting to your advantage during your Zoom video call. We suggest using a ring light - they are super cheap and can be found either online or in stores. They provide excellent professional lighting for a fraction of the cost, and with the right makeup and hair style, a ring light will quite literally make you look like you're glowing and your eyes will be brighter. Natural lighting is also great if you have an open space that natural light can flow through, just be sure to recognize how much light you're pulling in - you don’t want the natural light to drown you out.  Lighting is actually where most people fail when it comes to Zoom video calls. Most people have what’s called a “shady face,” where most of their face is blocked out by the natural shade within your home. If you don’t have a ring light, grab your nearest lamp and set it up next to your computer - directly by your face. Sidelight and backlight are a no-go, as it will create a negative contrast. As for direct sunlight, face your window - don’t have the window behind you - this will create a silhouette that will leave you looking like a shadow. Keep Your Background Clean During Your Zoom Video Call Though this may seem like a no-brainer, a cluttered and messy background during your Zoom video call will really irritate some people, and in addition, it will distract you too. Make sure you declutter your background and sit somewhere that looks professional enough and mess-free. Keep things plain and simple - you want people looking at your face rather than a bunch of background “noise.” Keep Things At Eye Level  Do you really want people looking up your nostrils? Make sure that you are at eye level with your webcam and that it isn’t tilted up during your Zoom video call. In fact, the camera under the face is absolutely one of the most unflattering looks you can possibly have on your Zoom video call. Look at your camera directly, straight ahead. And if this doesn’t quite work out for you, stack some books under your laptop to ensure that you are maintaining eye level contact with your peers. Remember To Simply Be Yourself On Zoom The most beautiful look you can possibly adorn is just to simply be yourself. With the proper lighting and angles, you will look great! But, if you have a good attitude, you will glow. Remember that these are your colleagues and your bosses - they want to know your true attitude and they want to see you smiling and happy for the company that you’re a part of! No matter how beautiful or handsome you look, a sour attitude will absolutely not help you when it comes to looking your best and nailing those regular zoom video calls. Look Your Best With Fabio Scalia Salons Located in both Brooklyn Heights and SoHo, Fabio Scalia Salons are here to make sure you look your absolute best for your Zoom video calls. Who says that you can’t look your best in the comfort of your own home? At Fabio Scalia Salons, your safety and luxurious beauty and hair appointments come first to us. We have many promotions and special deals going on right now that will enable you to look your absolute best during your Zoom video calls. From pandemic packages that include a blowout, makeup application, and professional photo taken for your social media, we offer the absolute best services for your needs.  In addition to making you look incredible for your Zoom video calls, we strive to provide you with a safe and sanitized environment during this COVID-19 pandemic. We sanitize all work stations, maintain social distancing protocols, and both our clients as well as our hair stylists must wear a mask during appointments at all times. We have gloves on request and hand sanitizing stations in both our SoHo and Brooklyn Heights salon locations. We understand how important it is for you to look your best during your Zoom video calls, and we take pride in ensuring that you are treated to an ultimately luxurious experience. At Fabio Scalia salons we operate differently - we understand the pandemic and get that so many people are working from home. Our guarantee is to make sure you look your best even while working in the comfort of your own home, and we promise to take what you want and make you glow!

Sure, you may have doused your hair in layers of dry shampoo on days you didn’t quite have the time to wash your hair. But did you know that there are actually tons of benefits to using Kerastase Dry Shampoo on a regular basis? In addition, you actually shouldn’t wash your hair on a daily basis and you should be using Kerastase Dry Shampoo on a more regular basis. It is crucial though that you use the right dry shampoo - one that contains tons of healthy vitamins and minerals for your hair. At Fabio Scalia salons, we have you covered when it comes to your dry shampoo needs - as we utilize the five-star Kerastase Dry Shampoo and believe you should too. Let’s find out why dry-shampooing your hair more regularly has tons of benefits for your hair.  Healthier Hair Happens When You Shampoo Less Take a minute to look at all of the ingredients (some you probably can’t even pronounce) on the back of your shampoo bottle. Many shampoos use agents like Glycol, Ammonium Chloride, or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, along with many other chemicals, in order to create a lather that foams when you wash your hair. If it foams, it must be washing it, right? Wrong. The more often you feed your hair these chemicals, the more damaged your hair becomes. Not only does it damage your hair, but it even damages your scalp!  The damage can lead to premature greying, brittle and dry hair, dandruff or dry scalp, and more. You really need to limit your use of shampoos that have these chemicals - or avoid them entirely. Opt for something gentle on your hair that is loaded with vitamins, oils, and minerals in order to create happy and bouncy hair such as Kerastase Shampoo and Conditioner. Until then, wash your hair only 2-3 times each week and use Kerastase dry shampoo in between washes.  Dry Shampoo Helps to Regulate Natural Oil Distribution Washing your hair does make your hair feel more clean, soft, and fresh. However, this feeling only lasts briefly. After only a day or two, depending on your hair type, your hair becomes oily again and you need to rewash it. Naturally oily hair is normal and the oils that your scalp produces actually nourishes your hair. Before you wash your hair, think about using your Kerastase dry shampoo. This will ensure that your natural oils are locked in, but your hair will be refreshed and clean without washing it. Kerastase Dry Shampoo Adds Both Texture and Volume to Your Hair The healthy powder within Kerastase Dry Shampoo (rice starch) makes your hair naturally more voluminous. Style as you normally would and run it through your hair in order to create a bouncy and textured look. All you need is your fingers and a brush. This is a great benefit for people who have fine or thin hair that falls flat when it’s a little on the greasy side. Kerastase dry shampoo works to lift and add volume, soothe irritated scalps, and improve damaged hair.  It Decreases the Damage of Heat Normally, after you get done washing your hair, you might be reaching for your hair dryer, then soon after, a curling wand or straight iron to style your hair. However, even though you are probably already aware, too much use of these products creates heat damage. Heat damage can have negative effects on your hair such as split ends, brittle hair, and an overall ‘damaged’ look. Extend your time between each wash by using Kerastase Dry Shampoo and take some pressure off of your hair and your scalp. Kerastase Dry Shampoo Delivers Valuable Nutrients to Your Hair Kerastase Dry Shampoo is loaded with tons of natural hair-loving nutrients. In addition, it is silicone-free. Kerastase dry shampoo includes a very important hair ingredient - vitamin E. Vitamin E supports healthy hair and a healthy scalp due to its natural antioxidant properties. Vitamin E within Kerastase Dry Shampoo has shown to prevent hair loss, supports a healthy scalp, boost shine, and much more. You should consider using hair products that have vitamin E as one of their main ingredients - it will naturally prevent your hair from becoming damaged. Call your Fabio Scalia Salon today and pick up your Kerastase Dry Shampoo today! More About Kerastase Dry Shampoo Kerastase Dry Shampoo was formulated to bring you your best looking hair on your hair-washing cheat days. This type of dry shampoo is suited for all hair types, so don’t worry about getting something that might not work for you! One of the main components in Kerastase Dry Shampoo is rice starch - a frequently used ingredient in dry shampoo that adds volume and texture to your hair, as well as freshen your hair by preventing excess scalp oils from forming. It instantly absorbs oil on the scalp and in the hair upon application, and provides 24 hours of clean and fresh hair.  Kerastase Dry Shampoo uses the scent of neroli oil - a famous essential oil from the blossom of a bitter orange tree. The scent is fresh but not overpowering. Kerastase Dry Shampoo is silicone-free and refreshes your roots and hair at home or on the go! Pick up your Kerastase Dry Shampoo today by visiting your local Fabio Scalia Salon! Final Thoughts If you’re new to using dry shampoo, you might feel somewhat wary about taking a break from washing and using Kerastase Dry Shampoo. Don’t worry! We completely understand. However, if you have the health of your scalp and hair on your mind, you really need to take solid breaks between washing your hair in order to let your scalp distribute natural oils. And to avoid having hair that looks flat, greasy, and unwashed, use Kerastase Dry Shampoo! It creates texture and volume in your hair naturally, and contains a great amount of nutrients that benefit your hair’s health. As an added bonus, Kerastase Dry Shampoo works for every hair type - you don’t have to worry that you are going to add excess damage to your hair!

More and more men and women are choosing the natural route when it comes to maintaining their hair. In fact, naturally curly hair is quite the trend right now! That doesn't go without saying - curly hair is a daily struggle and we have a lot of questions about it! This natural route has lead to many questions - how do you take care of curly hair? How do you keep the curls bouncy and the frizz down? How do I properly nourish my naturally curly hair? At Fabio Scalia Salons, we can take your curls to the next level and give you the right tools and practices that will help you and your curly hair in the future. Here are the top 5 most commonly asked questions about naturally curly hair. How do I Maintain my Frizz? Frizz is one of the largest stresses when it comes to maintaining naturally curly hair. And, curly hair naturally produces much more frizz that wavy or straight hair. According to some of the best hair salons in NYC, there are many ways to go about taming frizz. These experts suggest many things, including to not touch your hair when it is drying - even slight touches will produce more frizz. The best hair salons in NYC also suggest that you are maintaining your hair by using the right hair products for your curls as well as the season. Yes it's true, even the seasons can effect how much your hair frizzes up. Sometimes, you need a completely different routine in between the seasons. In addition, you should never skip a weekly moisturizing mask. Hydrated hair will frizz up way less than thirsty hair. Finally, it always helps to find a mousse, gel, or styling cream that holds your hair in place throughout the day. Finding the right product can take some trial and error but it will ultimately benefit you in the long run. What Products/Things Should I Avoid to Keep Curly Hair Healthy? The best hair salons in NYC suggest that your curly hair needs all of the moisture it can get. Moisture helps your curly hair stay shiny and healthy, and it helps maintain the curls. Anything that will potentially dry your hair out, you should avoid - this includes sulphates and products that contains alcohol. There are also components in hair products that can prevent your hair from absorbing moisture, such as silicones. Of course, you should do your best to avoid harsh chemicals like bleaching or over-dying your hair unless you have the help of a salon professional. Avoid using tools on your hair that contains high heat as well. How Do Professionals Cut Curly Hair? This depends on your stylist and your curls. But for the most part, dry cuts provide the best results because each curl shrinks differently. The best hair salons in NYC wash and dry your hair in order to take in the correct length and shape of your hair. So, how do dry cuts work? Your Fabio Scalia professional hair stylist will want you to wash and dry and style your hair as you normally would every day before your appointment. After we cut your hair (dry), we will wash and style it again so you can see the final result. Getting rid of your damaged ends is absolutely crucial to happy curly hair, and you'll feel so much less weighed down after the cut. What are the Essential Tools for Curly Hair? There are things you can do at home that will better improve the health of your curly hair. You know your hair the best - something even the professionals don't always even know. If you have curly hair, the best tools for your home hair care routine include: A microfiber towel Wide tooth comb Wet brush or tangle teaser Coil hair ties (a curly hair must-have, because unlike other hair ties, these ones won't break your curls) Satin scarfs or pillows A scalp massager - these are great for helping your hair grow as well as distributing hair product Anti-frizz hair products that don't contain harsh chemicals A trusty hair oil to make your hair shine and make your curls bounce All of these products have their own reasons why they will make your hair care routine so much easier. Do Hair Dyes Ruin Curly Hair? Most hair dyes will potentially damage your naturally curly hair. Hair dyes contain tons of harsh chemicals that will have a negative impact on your hair. The best hair salons in NYC, as well as highly-skilled professionals suggest using semi permanent vegan hair dyes that are way less harsh than other ones. The biggest problem with dying your hair, especially if your hair is naturally dark, is that you have to bleach your hair first (especially if your adding a color or going lighter), wish is highly damaging. Even if your hair is super healthy, you should avoid dying it too much. What Temperature and When Should I Use A Hair Dryer This is a tricky one, because high heat will not only create a huge amount of frizz, but it will also damage your hair (especially if you do it a lot). It's best to use a hair dryer that has a diffuser head attached in order to dry your hair appropriately after a wash. Don't ever use the high heat setting, and give your hair a hydration boost with valuable hair products before drying. If you decide to straighten your hair or style it in any other way after drying it, use a heat protected mousse or oil. Final Thoughts Curly hair isn't the easiest to work with, even the best hair salons in NYC know that. However, with the proper tools and application steps it will be easier to maintain your naturally curly hair and make it look as great as it feels. In addition to all the tips above, make sure you visit your professional hair stylists at Fabio Scalia Salons in order to learn more about how you should properly take care of your curly hair. Give

The same way we look to buy makeup brushes for different uses is the way we need to start looking at hairbrushes. One size doesn't fit all when it comes to hairbrushes, and you need to find one that works for you and your hair best. There are so many styles of brushes out there - from wet brushes, detangling brushes, and brushes for different lengths of hair. However, when was the last time you thought about the benefits of a hairbrush? It's important to be able to differentiate these brushes, as they all have specific uses and some may damage your hair if you aren't using the right style. At Fabio Scalia Salons, we use combs and brushes that are unique to your hair type and utilize a hairbrush that will ultimately benefit you. Let's take a closer look at hairbrushes and what you need to look for depending on your style of hair. The Paddle Hair Brush The paddle hair brush is probably one of the most popular hairbrush styles, and it works for all hair types. Owned by many, the paddle hairbrush is specifically used most for its ability to quickly detangle hair with comfort and ease. Not only does its long, flat, and wide rectangular shape provide easy control when you are brushing your hair, but it provides smooth results without breaking up the natural pattern of even curly and wavy hair. Always keep in mind that paddle brushes have many different bristle styles - use sturdier bristles for thicker or textured hair. Round Hairbrushes Typically used for medium to thick hair, round hairbrushes are used primarily in salons or at home for blowouts. It takes a lot of time and practice (as well as upper body strength) to master the art of using a round hairbrush for a blowout. But with the proper round hairbrush, it'll make the job so much easier. Usually, round hairbrushes are made with an ionic or metal barrel that heats up when you use a blow dryer as you're running it through your hair. It works almost exactly like a curling want. Round hairbrushes help to tame frizz and delivers a certain amount of "bounce" to your hair. Keep in mind, we suggest not to use a round hairbrush with an ionic or metal barrel if you have fine or damaged hair - it can cause extreme heat damage to already weak or split ends. We suggest using a round hairbrush that has is a natural boar brush with gentle bristles if you have fine hair. Teasing Hairbrush Teasing hairbrushes are long and thin with short bristles, and is best used to add volume to your hair. This is a great hairbrush for all hair types and works well even on damaged hair. Teasing hairbrushes are used as one of the easiest ways to lift your roots as well as create the illusion of fullness. This makes a great tool for creating bouncy up-do's, adding volume to naturally straight and flat hair, and adding texture to ponytails. Bonus points if the brush has a pointed end for sectioning your hair! However, you probably should avoid teasing your hair too often, as this process is a bit harsh on any hair type, but especially harsh if you have fine or damaged hair. The Wide Tooth Comb A wide tooth comb is a great way to brush your hair and works great on all hair types. This is one of the best tools you can use on wet hair, as wet hair is more prone to breakage if you use another brush instead. The wide tooth comb works amazingly to safely comb out wet hair as well as distributing hair product throughout your hair (such as a leave-in treatment). If you shower at night, use this comb gently through your hair and then put your hair in a loose bun - this will ensure that you don't wake up with morning tangles. Boar Bristle Brush This is an interesting brush that is long and thin and contains this boar bristles. It works best on fine or curly hair - and is a total game changer for these hair types! The don't really look like they are delicate on the scalp, but in fact, boar bristles are designed to gently glide through your hair much like a paddle brush. By using this brush style, you will avoid pulling or snagging the roots of your hair, making this the go-to brush if you have fine or curly hair. It also evenly distributes natural oils as well as oil products within your hair, and it's recommended to use it after you style your hair with heat. Using this brush before bed is also great - it helps to condition dry ends. Loop Brush Have you ever seen something so unique and interesting? This hairbrush works incredibly if you have hair extensions. In fact, it's an absolute must-have if you use hair extensions. This brush features uniquely looped bristles that enable the brush to easily glide over wefts without getting stuck or caught, and prevents hair extensions from being pulled out. This brush works well whether you have simple clip-in extensions or more permanent extension types and naturally prevents pulling and damage. Take Away Message The type of brush you choose is ultimately up to you, but this guide serves as an easy way to determine which hairbrush style will best suit you. One of the best things you can do for your hair is choose the right hairbrush - this will help to prevent excess damage as well as style your hair to protection! Remember, finding the right products for your hair type can truly make a world of difference. Try out these different types of hairbrushes and find out what works best for you, and see how easily you can transform your hair!      

Salon-qualified hair oil, for all hair types, at an affordable price and from a 5-star brand? That’s all we want, and Kerastase (again) outdid themselves with this all-inclusive elixir oil. On top of that, there are some key ingredients that truly make Kerastase Elixir Oil shine compared to other hair oil products. At Fabio Scalia salons, we only use the best of the best for our clients, and Kerastase is one of our main product lines that we use. Read on to learn more about this incredible hair oil and why it’s extremely popular right now for all hair types! What is Kerastase Hair Elixir? Let’s take a look at the bare-boned and basic facts about this product. This hair oil is noted to be for all hair types and re-invigorated with sacred marula oil. Marula oil is a naturally-occurring oil derived from the marula tree located in the sub-Saharan tropical Africa. Naturally, alone, it’s a very expensive product to buy. But what Kerastase did was enhance their elixir oil with marula oil and make it affordable for everyone! What else is in this elixir? Let’s take a closer look at the unique blend of hair-rejuvenating ingredients that make this elixir both gentle and potent for healing on all hair types. Camelia Oil: This is a one-of-a-kind emollient that keeps hair very supple and moist, and it absorbs very quickly leaving your hair with a radiant shine. Argan Oil: This is a very popular oil used in hundreds of different hair products, so naturally, it was added to Kerastase Elixir Oil. Argan oil contains tons of antioxidants and essential fatty acids as well as vitamin E. It works as a natural way to increase elasticity, soften, and restore damaged hair. Birrea Seed Oil: This is another form of Marula oil that actually comes from the trees seeds, and is extracted to use in beauty products of all types. It is actually the Zulu symbol of softness, tenderness, and female fertility! Click here to see the full list of ingredients that Kerastase Elixir Oil has to offer, as well as the benefits you will reap from each ingredient. Something so great about Kerastase Elixir Oil is that there is not a ton of ingredients that you would normally see on the back of hair oils, which automatically makes it more of a trustworthy product. No one likes to see a long list of potentially harmful chemicals on a product’s ingredient list. Why Should I Be Using A Hair Oil? According to the experts, a good hair oil product replicates and supplements natural hair oil that we produce on a daily basis. However, with the way we treat our hair on a daily basis, many of these natural oils are stunted from being produced on the scalp. Enter Kerastase Elixir Oil. This product is used to mimic the natural oil your scalp produces, and these oils help to lubricate the outer hair cuticle and strengthen the inner core by providing moisture that aids in keeping strong bonds. Even if you already produce enough oil in your hair, Kerastase Elixir Oil still acts as an extra boost especially if you have color-treated or chemically treated hair - or if you use relaxers in your hair. This elixir is wonderful for all hair types, but curly and textured hair really benefits from this oil. This is because textured hair is naturally much drier than straight hair and the oil coats the dry hair’s cuticles to make textured hair smooth and shiny. How Much Kerastase Elixir Oil Should I Be Using? This really depends on the length of your hair, if your hair is chemically treated, and how much oil your scalp naturally produces. However, according to Kerastase’s regulations, it’s safe to say that you can use 1-5 pumps of the elixir depending on your hair type. According to Kerastase, the trick is to apply one pump at a time and distribute the oil evenly. If your hair still feels dry and has a lack of shine, apply another pump. After a few applications of the product, you will simply know when your hair is oiled up to its fullest potential. As an added bonus, it smells absolutely incredible. Do I Use Kerastase Elixir Oil On Wet Or Dry Hair? At Fabio Scalia Salons, we use Kerastase Elixir Oil on both wet and dry hair - it just depends on what we see is best for your hair. Applying it to both wet and dry hair has their own sets of different benefits. For example, if you use Kerastase Elixir Oil on wet hair, you may notice less of a shine, but the benefits include detangling as well as heat protection for when you style your hair. If you apply this product to dry hair, you will notice an immediate boost in shine, and you will have a much-improved frizz control. If you want to benefit from both, we suggest applying 1-2 pumps on wet hair, and then finishing off your hairstyle by adding another 1-2 pumps on to your dry and styled hair.  Final Thoughts About Kerastase Elixir Oil This product really has the “wow” factor in for it, as well as hundreds of 5-star reviews. So what’s the catch? There is none! Kerastase Elixir Oil is well known for having a luxurious scent, boosting your hair's health naturally, and as an added bonus, it’s extremely affordable. This naturally makes the product a staple in both reputable salons such as Fabio Scalia, and in your own home for personal daily use. Kerastase Elixir Oil is great to use on a daily basis, so you don’t have to worry about over-using the product. In addition, it’s packed full of natural antioxidants and hair-protecting ingredients that will make your hair shine and feel absolutely fresh and clean. Check out the product here and if you have a minute, check out the reviews! Kerastase Elixir Oil is definitely here to stay for a very long time, in both salons and at home.