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ICYMI: Natural redhead Jessica Chastain wowed the beauty and fashion world at last month’s Met Gala when she appeared on the red carpet rocking icy platinum hair. But when it turned out to be a wig, many wondered if such a dramatic red to blonde transformation was even possible to begin with. 

The short answer is…of course, thanks to the technical and artistic guidance of Mirko Vergani, master colorist in our Soho location. If you, or a redhead you know, is looking to go blonde, we’re going to show you how SoHo colorist Mirko Vergani and Teresa Steed execute a red to blonde transformation with stunning final looks. Both of these got rave reviews from the clients, who were impressed at the quick and even results, and how the hair health was still in great condition.

First, we have a solid copper transformation that was a more complicated case, says Mirko, since copper reds are not easy to remove (especially from freshly done, which was the case here). 

His first challenge was to lift the hair so it would return to blonde on an even level, all while maintaining the hair’s integrity. In this case, Teresa did a full classic head of highlights using Olaplex (bonder multiplier) and two different lighteners: stronger on the root area, more gentle on the more sensitive ends. She used classic foils to give a more even lift, and whatever was left out of the foils was left for a second section two weeks later – when Teresa took the rest of the copper strands to complete the overall blonde look.  “The combination between the blonde and copper gives you a beautiful strawberry blonde,” says Mirko.

Mirko approached the second transformation by using a mix of foils and painting. “The formula I used for her copper was more pastel than the previous one, so it was possible to remove all the copper in one section,” he explains.  

For any color transformation, Mirko has some recommendations for anyone looking to take a dramatic color plunge. 


  1. First, do a strand test to see if it’s possible and if so, how far you can go. 
  2. If you’re thinking of going red to blonde, your colorist needs to first consider your hair’s porosity, texture and condition. 
  3. With lighteners, while they are gentler than in previous years, Mirko advises to be careful how you use them. He recommends mixing it with a slower developer, which may take a bit longer but will help maintain the condition of your hair in the end.
  4. Finally, always send a client home with home care to address any extra dryness or  damage.
Thinking about a color change up this summer? Book now or give us a call (Brooklyn Heights, 718-855-5777; or Soho, 212-343-0523) to set up a color consultation. We can’t wait to see your next transformation!
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