glamorous hairstyle

Holiday hair, we love you: From romantic updos to voluminous blowouts and everything in between, there’s something about party hair that makes us smile. Because when your hair looks this great, it’s impossible not to have fun. 

Big, Bouncy and Beautiful

voluminous waves
voluminous crown

The latest “Pinterest Predicts” report is out, and it’s forecasting bigger is better (and more beautiful) in terms of hair for 2024. Here, Fabio created two ready-to-party looks that both feature volume, but in a different way. On the right, he’s brought volume to the top for a crowned final look, while on the left he’s worked his magic to create voluminous waves.

A Classic Updo

bun updo

Teresa Steed, of our Soho location, showcased how to create this glamorous updo in a previous “Five Minute Office to Party Hair” post – but whether you’re creating this look yourself or with the help of a stylist, it’s a classic stunner that’s easy to achieve. All you’ll need is some hair ties, a great brush like La Chiara and a little hairspray. 


classic updo

Slick and Short

Long hair tends to take the spotlight when it comes to glam looks, but we believe that short hair can be just as sexy, if not more. This slick bob, styled by Fabio, accentuates the model’s facial features and is guaranteed to turn just as many heads than a bouncy supermodel blowout.

slick bob
short hair

Ponytail Hat Trick

We’re flipping the script on ponytails; instead of categorizing ponytails as a last-ditch effort to disguise a bad hair day, we have unveiled their glamorous side with these three ponytail tricks. To create these looks you’ll need some hair ties, a curling iron, hairspray and a quality hairbrush like La Chiara to neatly brush up each and every hair (but if you have questions about products, ask your stylist for specific recommendations).

twisted ponytail
slick ponytail
voluminous ponytail

The pony party edit, from left to right: Twisted, Slick and Voluminous. While these three ponytails all all slightly different in terms of execution and final result, Fabio says the keys to any great ponytail are:

    – A quality brush like La Chiara

    – A a prepping product, like Creme for Style from Oribe (apply to the roots and brush it towards how the ponytail will dry and set)

    – The right hair ties: if you have your ponytail done professionally, we use strings; otherwise a hair bungee

    – A finishing product like Superfine hair spray from Oribe, or with something slick use Superfine Strong. For a textured ponytail, we would use Texture Spray orBeach Spray

    Happy New Year from all of us at Fabio Scalia Salon! 

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