libra hairstyle
hairstyle for libra

We see you, Libra. You’re the charming and coquettish one making your way through the room with your sophisticated and ever-so-symmetrical hairstyle. So for Libras, or anyone seeking the beautifully refined look that defines the sign of the scales, we have you covered. With their eye for beauty, it’s not surprising that we have three Libras working at our salons.

Sam Gradilone, Libra and senior stylist in our Brooklyn location, says that when it comes to hair, Libras are focused on healthy hair and preserving its best natural condition. Their quintessential look is a classic blowout – either big and bouncy, or a natural and elegant with smooth styling. “They want it to be perfect,” she adds. “When I have a Libra client, I listen carefully to them and pay attention to the small details, because they are extremely meticulous.”

Flirty, romantic manes

flirty Libra

What’s more Libra than a flirty blonde? This Barbie-inspired style, with its playful charm and bouncy waves, is a dreamy style for Libras. “We loved this shoot because what we created was flirty, but sophisticated at the same time – just like Barbie herself,” says Fabio, who did the cut and styling along with Teresa Steed.

hair extensions

Flowing locks, courtesy of extensions, are the ultimate head-turner for the romantic beauty that Libras love. Here, a gorgeous extensions transformation by Samantha herself. Shown are keratin bonds by Great Lengths, which – as Samantha explains – last longer than tapes and provide more styling flexibility.

fashion week hair

We styled this casual wavy look for our recent Fashion Week shoot and blog – which took inspiration from the S/S 23 runways – but it happens to be an ideal Libra style as well, since it is both romantic AND symmetrical. Speaking of…

Symmetric styles

Beauty in balance is classic Libra, so lean into that middle part and ask your stylist which symmetric style would work best for your hair (and face shape). We’re loving this Laser Lob, with cut and style by Fabio, and a gorgeous, simply sleek style created by Antonio Juarez.

cut for libra

Face framing

Face framing highlights and styles – which are cuts that have shorter pieces on the front sides – showcase the refined features of a Libra face in a beautifully simple way. Here, a stunning face-framing style by Fabio and face-framing highlights by JC Canto. Face-framing highlights are also a great low-maintenance color option that adds dimension and brightness to your face. Read more about it in our blog, “5 High-Style Hair Colors That are Actually Low Maintenance.”

face frame highlight
face framing cut

Feeling like your hair is out of balance? If you’re inspired by these Libra cuts and colors, book an appointment today!

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