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With the spring/summer NYFW wrapping up this week, we asked our most stylish artists to put forth their predictions for this season. Based on inspiration from the fall 2023 runways, here are our picks (and how-tos) for runway-ready looks to easily rock this fall. Keep an eye on our Instagram feed as well, where we’ll be posting how-tos and videos in the upcoming weeks. And if you’re trying one of these looks, tag us for a chance to be featured on our channel! 

Wet look

wet look
wet hairstyle

Seen at Fendi and Diesel, this is a sleek and sexy look that works for day or night – and it’s also a great “rainy day” hairstyle. 


– Decide where to part your hair, but make it a deep part.

– Wash the hair, they blow dry it as fast and as straight as possible.

– Mix a gel serum with some oil (KY or Vaseline works well – this mixture makes the final look softer and distributes well through the hair) 

– Once you’ve finished blow drying, starting from the nape up, the bottom, and work in and apply the gel mixture section by section, moving up

– So they are sealed and clean, comb the roots using the tighter end of the comb, then seal it so there are no flyaways —and so the hair is extremely tight to the head. If you see flyaways, you can add more product and smooth with the back of the comb

– Flip the comb to the wider side to open up the texture more toward the ears. This is one reason why there are two sides of a comb: one side creates more tension, and the other creates less 

 “Come as you are” wavy look

Beauty looks at the Gucci show focused on individualism, with models sporting different hairstyles in a “come as you are” mentality. Here, we’re taking on the casual, wavy and swept to the side (or back) looks inspired by the show.  


– Start with clean, or predominantly clean, hair

– Part hair either to the side or the center – in this case, we did the center

– Then, starting from the bottom up  during the blow dry, work with a twist and spin – our signature technique – which allows the hair to take on its natural wave feeling. By spinning and twisting the sections, you create a wide, soft range of wave coils. Alternate the sides when you spin it (left or right)

– Spray some of Oribe’s Apres Beach Wave and Shine Spray to enhance the texture and make sure it’s not static-y 

– Finally, brush it gently out from the end to the roots gently on the surface with La Claudia or La Chiara, depending on if you want the curls to more or less loose. Use whichever brush gives the least amount of tension

Chignon twist

chignon twist
chignon hairstyle

Fabio recreated this sexy, understated look from the runways starting with a super smooth and straight blowdry, and finished it with a chignon with an edge. 


– Apply heat protector, then blow dry with La Sophia or La Monica. These brushes will guarantee a nice shimmer and shine, without any shadow 

– When blow drying, direct the roots for each section toward the ponytail. So instead of blow drying randomly, pull and push toward where the roots of the pony tail will be. La Chiara would be the best brush for that

– Make a nice tight ponytail, as tight as possible

– Finally, create the chignon by spinning and twisting the hair around the ponytail. Each time you spin, secure it with a hair pin. This way it will always be tied up, blocked and secured as you go around

– You can leave a couple of the hair ends fanned out, to give it a little extra personality

 Wind-swept hair  


For guys who want an Italian-style flow (think: you just stepped out of a Ferrari), this look was seen at Bruno Cucinelli.

– Using our La Bionda or La Mora hair brush, pull and blow dry – but without taking  too much of the volume out; don’t go too close to the head, and pull the hair backwards towards the back. That will give the hair a “flying and feathered” feeling and look

Wind-swept hair
If you’d like to book an appointment for a new cut, or to learn how to style these looks at home. book now or give us a call (Brooklyn Heights, 718-855-5777; or Soho, 212-343-0523).
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