Sagittarius short hair

Fun loving, carefree, and honest, Sagittarians – who represent the sign of the archer – don’t like to be tied down. As a mutable sign, they are open to transformations, making them the ideal salon client for stylists who love to try new cuts and colors on clients who dare to appreciate it. Combine that with their fire element, and you’ve got a client who is ready to make a change with bold cuts and bright colors. So fire up your arrows, Sagittarians, here’s how to hit the bull’s eye when it comes to your hair.


From curly to straight (or vice versa), or from one color to the opposite, Sagittarians love to shapeshift and can easily swing from one style vibe to another. Whether you’re a Sagittarius or not, these kinds of hair transformations can have a dramatic (and positive) effect on your outlook and mood – just with a trip to the salon!

Antonio Juarez, of our Brooklyn salon, did the cut and style birthday transformation below—and he notes that the beauty of a hair transformation is in its ability to empower. 

“It’s sense of refreshment, a new beginning,” he says. “Maybe they want to change something in their lives and they start with their hair. That particular client likes to change things up. She sometimes wears it curly or with frames and bangs. And the cool tones for winter and holidays make her feel joyful.”

By the way, if you’re considering going from red to blonde (or wondered if that is even possible), book an appointment with Mirko, who is ready to work some transformative magic. 

Party Girl Hair

Sagittarians are often the life of the party, and they have the hair to show it. The sexier and wilder, the better. At left, Fabio has transformed his client’s locks with this shiny, bouncy party girl look that’s ready to absolutely rock. On the right, he’s created a different kind of wild vibe with these gorgeous natural curls (complete with stunning color by Mirko Vergani of our Soho Salon). 

curly red hair

On-The-Go Color

One of the Zodiac’s most adventurous signs, Sagittarians are always on the move and up for a trip. They dislike being tied down with high-maintenance color, and hence prefer balayage (like this blonde by Lucio Galano of our Soho Salon). For more low-maintenance color options, check out our blog post outlining them all. 

Book an appointment today and our team of stylists and colorists will help you step into Sagittarius season ready for a transformative cut or color!

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