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Watch out; it’s Scorpio season. And when it comes to their hair, Scorpios like it hot. Expressing themselves through their mysterious, sexy, dark side – when it comes to their hair – is a matter of passion. They often like their hair to make a statement; just look at the hair of our salons’ manager, Miguel Alvarez (a resident Scorpio). Whether he’s wearing it up or down, Miguel’s jet black mane of curls makes everyone aware of his presence and style. 

From a stylist/colorist perspective, Scorpio colorist Adela Dedaj of our Brooklyn location notes that having a Scorpio doing your hair is advantageous because they love making deep connections with clients. Scorpios are intuitive – and their creativity and work shines when they’re comfortable with their clients. “It makes me more passionate and in tune,” Adela explains. “My best work comes when I really get to know the client. I’m great at reading them, and making the relationship ‘click’ is key.” 

Now, onto your Scorpio cuts and color!

Fierce, sultry short cuts

pixie hair cut
silver hair
men hair cut

Scorpios are often known for their sting, but they’re also a water sign and one of the Zodiac’s sexiest and most emotional. So while short haircuts and pixies are classic Scorpio choices due to their edgy nature, choose one that also has a softer, sexier side. 

Here we have a sultry pixie that is the poster child for Scorpio, as well as a cool-toned silver version that exudes a soft sensuality. Rounding out our short haircuts is this men’s style, cut & styled by Fabio, which balances an edgy and cool cut with warm, sexy styling.

Secretive, creative side 

Scorpios can be secretive, and – coupled with their creative nature – we love these types of “surprise” cuts and colors. First, a fiery red that’s buzzed on one side, and a peek-a-book cut/color transformation that allows Scorpios to unveil their mysterious side through their hair.

duo color

Passionate, emotional hair color 

When we asked Adela about hair colors for Scorpio, the answer was – emphatically – RED. “It matches the sign’s intensity,” she says “Deep coppers, fiery reds, or blond-blond. It’s often all or nothing with Scorpio.”

These rich reds and coppers – both the work of Master Colorist Mirko Vergani of our Soho location – are simply fire! Aside from reds and platinum blonde, may we also recommend a deep and foreboding jet black. 

red hair

Book an appointment today and our team of stylists and colorists will help you step into Scorpio season ready to rock a fierce new cut or color! 

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