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Summer’s here and, with it, all that fun and sun we’ve waited for all year. However, while you might envision your summer hair as picture-perfect (think: cascading locks poolside, surf waves at the beach, or flowing tresses riding in a convertible), the reality is often quite different. Yes, we’re talking about brittle ends, dryness, frizz and scalp damage. But the good news is, thanks to the below tips from stylist Antonio Juarez, these problems are often preventable.  

 1.    Low-maintenance hairstyles are key; the goal is to limit heat styling because of the adverse effect that summer weather and activities have on your hair. That could mean wash-and-go styles like a sexy tousled bob or embracing your natural curls (which can also be worn in a slicked-back pony, as below).

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2. Prevent and treat dry, brittle ends: Shampoo less, but use conditioner even if not shampooing. When you do shampoo, use a nourishing and smoothing shampoo, and do deep conditioning masks often. Speaking of nourishing products for dry hair, the new Nutritive line by Kerastase is now available in both salons. This skincare-inspired line, which treats dry hair with deep nourishment from plant-based proteins, includes shampoo, conditioner, masks, and blow out primers and creams.

3. Cleanse after swimming. Chlorine in pools causes dryness, and salt water (as a natural exfoliant) can also cause damage to the cuticle and make hair lose moisture. Before swimming, you can apply a little conditioner throughout the hair, or a serum. After the pool, wash and shampoo your hair, then apply a mask. Pro tip: After you rinse the mask, don’t blow dry; let it air dry and go natural.

4. Protect the scalp. To avoid sunburn, apply scalp serums directly onto the scalp, which will help with soothing and hydrating. If you suffer from sunburnt scalp, hold off on any scalp treatment—which can further irritate it—until the sunburn goes down. Hair is like skin; treat it accordingly and with UV protection. A UV protectant cream on hair is a must. 

5. Defend against humidity. We have no control over the humidity in the air, so the best way to fight it is to use products to counter it. Oribe’s Impermeable Anti-Humidity Spray is the best option and a MUST have during summer. 

6. Tame Frizz. For clients with excessive frizz, I recommend a full head keratin treatment, which will last three months on average. We use Cezanne because it’s free of formaldehyde and is not bad for the hair. Clients with mild frizz should get a smoothing treatment—we use Milbon—and apply once a month.

Thinking about a color change up this summer? Book now or give us a call (Brooklyn Heights, 718-855-5777; or Soho, 212-343-0523) to set up a color consultation. We can’t wait to see your next transformation!

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