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Fabio Scalia has made looking for a hair salon with the highest quality extensionsand the most choices for your needseasier than ever. Between our two locations, we now offer Bellami and Great Lengths extensions and have five stylists who are certified: Giulia and Antonio are Bellami certified; while Rene, Mirko and Samantha are Great Lengths certified. This means that we have just about any type of extension and specialist who can help you decide the right choices for you. Think of us as a one-stop extensions shop – where our artists will craft the perfect look so you can walk out with the confidence that this type of lustrous locks provides.  “Hair extensions aren’t used just for vanity purposes,” says Master Colorist Giulia Farella, who works in our Brooklyn Heights location. “They can help you build your confidence or address unpleasant hair loss resulting from an array of medical conditions like hormone imbalances.”  Plus, adds Junior Stylist Rene Villalta, of our Soho salon, you can’t deny the joy of instant results! “Clients love seeing their hair grow instantly,” he adds.  Also, thanks to the exposure that social media has given extensions, many more clients are considering them as a way to make them feel more confident (and beautiful).  We’re also dedicated to healthy hair, so our job isn’t over once we finish applying your extensions: we will also provide expert tips for proper maintenance, which includes how to brush (naturally, we recommend La Chiara from the new FS Collezione line of hair brushes). 

La Chiara hair brush

Because extensions are an investment, La Chiara protects them because it was designed specifically for gentle extensions brushing. It features a unique placement and proportion of pure boar bristle and white nylon monofilament, and is crafted with hornbeam wood. Retailing for $85, you can pick one up exclusively at our salons. 




What’s holding you back from considering extensions? Our experts weigh in on the most common extensions myths they hear from clients:  

  • Hair extensions will cause your hair to become damaged, thin and broken (this is a pervasive myth, but it is usually due to cheap glue-ins. It is not a concern if you have quality extensions applied professionally)
  • Hair extensions will cause headaches and weigh down your hair (just as if you had longer hair, there is more weight, but it is something you get used to and hasn’t been shown to cause headaches) 
  • Hair extensions will only tangle and are high maintenance (not true! With the right knowledge, and the proper brush, taking care of extensions can be a breeze) 




Ultra-long extensions have graced the RTW runways for the past couple of seasons, and – naturally, as we move into summer – Rene has been getting requests for long beautiful beach hair. Color-wise, for extensions we’re seeing a lot of fantasy hair color pops. 




Great Lengths offers two different application methods, pre-bonded Keratin and tapes (both shown above, done by Samantha Gradilone in our Brooklyn salon: pre-bonded Keratin on the left, tapes on the right). We have detailed information about the differences in our blog, but a quick overview is:

  • Both are fully customizable
  • Pre-bonded Keratin (check out the video of the look above, here) lasts longer than tapes, and are better for those who want more flexibility with their styling  
  • Tapes require a little more maintenance, but are better for those with thinning hair since they lay thin and flat on the hair. Click here for the before/after and application!

Bellami, on the other hand, also offers very high quality human hair extensions but has four professional application methods: Tape-in, K-Tip, I-tip, and Wefts.  Which ones are best for you? Our specialists can advise you during a consultation, but both are ethically sourced and can accommodate all kinds of hair types, needs, textures and budget. Both also come in a wide palette of colors, but also be customized as well.  Give us a call to schedule your extensions consultation today! Head to fabioscalia.com/book-now/ or call Brooklyn Heights (718-855-5777); Soho (212-343-0523)

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